Phoenix Police Have Captured a Suspect for the Murder of Three Mexican Cousins!


PHOENIX — (AP) – The Arizona Republic reports that Police in Phoenix said Thursday that they had apprehended a suspect in the murders of three cousins from Mexico whose remains were discovered in an empty lot in the city last month.

Sgt. Philip Krynsky, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department, named the suspect as Juan Vargas, 21; however, he stated that the investigation was ongoing and that there was no more information concerning the homicides available at the time of publication.

The cousins were from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, and their family stated they were on their way to Wisconsin to live with relatives, according to a report by Phoenix television station ABC15.

Prison records show that Vargas was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder while a crime was being perpetrated as well as kidnapping and armed robbery with a dangerous weapon, as well as abandonment or concealment of a body.

Murder of Three Mexican Cousins

It wasn’t immediately known if Vargas had retained a counsel who could speak on behalf of him.

The victims have been named as Herminio Perez Ramirez, 28, Isauro Martinez Dominguez, 21, and Abimael Jimenez Morenos, 16. The police department released their names on Monday.

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According to investigators, their corpses showed unmistakable evidence of trauma.

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