People on the streets of this country due to the shortage of cancer drugs in children

New Delhi: As people around the world face Corona these days, in contrast, protests are being staged in Mexico City over the lack of cancer drugs. People from Mexico City were seen protesting outside La Raza hospital over the shortage of childhood cancer drugs through slogans in their hands. Most of these people have parents of children who stand in groups near public hospitals and shout slogans to save the lives of innocent people on the streets.

These protesters staged a massive demonstration outside the hospital on Thursday September 3 due to which the residents of the area had a lot of traffic problems and there were traffic jams. These people say that if medicines are not available, the lives of their innocent children will be in danger. People are demanding that cancer drugs for children be available as soon as possible.

Let us know that not only parents outside the hospital, but even innocent children have been seen playing posters in their hands. Parents protesting say we have been continuously calling for the supply of cancer drugs for a long time, but only one statement is released. They say it’s a matter of children’s lives, so the supply of cancer drugs should never stop. So that no child is in danger for lack of medication. These parents are expressing their anger at the government here.