Peering Through a Small Vent, Border Agents in Texas Discover 40 People Enclosed in a Metal Box.


According to Customs and Border Protection officials, a truck pulling a flatbed trailer was passing through a border patrol checkpoint in Texas on Tuesday, April 26, when a K-9 alerted agents that something was suspicious.

The truck, which was carrying large metal-sided boxes, was directed to a secondary inspection area, where agents examined the cargo more closely, according to a CBP release.

According to the release, agents at the Falfurrias checkpoint removed a small vent on the side of one of the boxes and peered through it, revealing 40 migrants “trapped inside” the sealed container.




Falfurrias is located about 76 miles north of McAllen.

Aside from the vent gap, the box had no openings and no way for the people inside to escape. The only way to open the box was to take it apart.

According to the release, “the metal-sided box had to be broken apart by unscrewing multiple bolts with a power tool found in the truck.”

Aside from the power tool, agents discovered a loaded handgun and spare magazines in the truck.

The migrants, who came from Mexico and Central America, were apprehended. The driver was apprehended by the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office, according to CBP.

Officials say a 4-year-old girl was discovered alone and huddled on a riverbank near the Texas border.

In Texas, a trucker was falsely accused of transporting 700 gallons of meth. How is that possible?

Agents say migrants wandered the desert for days, running out of water before being rescued in Arizona.


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