‘Pain at the Pump’ | State Legislators Offer a $400 Rebate to California Taxpayers! March 2022!


SACRAMENTO, California — On Thursday, a group of 11 state assembly members introduced a new legislation targeted at assisting Californians who are paying record-high gas prices at the pump.

The proposal includes giving a $400 rebate to each California taxpayer to help with gas costs. According to MPs, those who do not own or drive a car will still receive the rebate as a result of the state’s increase in living expenditures.

The proposal’s entire money, estimated at $9 billion, would come from the state’s budget surplus.

Assembly members Cottie Petrie-Norris, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Jesse Gabriel, Adam Gray, Jacqui Irwin, Evan Low, Chad Mayes, Blanca Rubio, Sharon Quirk-Silva, and Carlos Villapudua announced the proposal after the State Assembly adjourned Thursday on the North steps of the capitol.

Because all Californians have suffered an increase in living expenditures, this proposal would provide a rebate to every California filer, including those who do not own or drive a car.


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“It will help a little, but that’s just me filling up my tank four times,” Erell Smith, a San Diego motorist, said.

Another bill aimed at assisting Californians with high gas prices failed in the assembly on Monday. Republican lawmakers introduced the failed plan on Monday, which asked for the suspension of the state’s 51-cent-per-gallon gas tax.

“The goal is to possibly only delay the gas tax; there’s no assurance it would be passed on to consumers,” Asm. Jesse Gabriel explained (D-Woodland Hills).

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a gas tax rebate during his State of the State address. Republican leaders said they would accept a gas tax rebate if it was accompanied with a gas tax holiday.

The average price of a gallon of self-serve normal gasoline in San Diego County rose for the 23rd day in a row on Thursday, rising 1.5 cents to a new high of $5.82.


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According to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service, the average price has gained $1.076 throughout the streak, including 3.3 cents on Wednesday. It’s $10.9 cents higher than a week ago, $1.084 higher than a month ago, and $1.912 higher than a year ago.

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