Noor Inayat Khan, became the first Indian to receive the “ Blue Plaque Honor ” | London: Tipu Sultan’s descendant, Noor Inayat Khan, became the first Indian to receive the “ Blue Plaque Honor ”

London: Noor Inayat Khan on Friday became the first woman of Indian descent to be commemorated at her former family home in central London, the ‘Blue Plate’. ‘(Honor of the blue plaque) to be awarded.

Noor was the secret radio operator
The “Blue Plaque” program run by an English heritage charity pays tribute to eminent individuals and organizations associated with a particular building in London. Khan’s plaque arrived at 4 Taviton Street in Bloomsbury where she lived before leaving for Nazi-occupied France in 1943. She went there as a secret radio operator for the UK’s Special Operations Executive (SOE). United.

Descendants of Tipu Sultan
Noor was the daughter of the Indian Sufi saint Hazrat Inayat Khan and a descendant of the 18th century Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan, who was assassinated in the Dachau concentration camp in 1944, and gave information to the kidnappers. Did not even give my real name.

Noor was a symbol of bravery
Historian and author of ‘Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan’, Shravani Basu said: ‘When Noor Inayat Khan left home on his last assignment, he didn’t even think about the dream. -be that one day it will become a symbol of bravery. Basu said, “She was an amazing detective. Being a Sufi, she believed in non-violence and religious harmony.

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Social media posting
Basu officially unveiled this commemorative plaque during a small ceremony that will be broadcast on social networks. He said: ‘It would be fitting for Noor, the first woman of Indian descent, to remember a blue plaque. Seeing this, Noor’s story will continue to inspire future generations. In today’s world, his vision of unity and freedom is more important than ever.

Basu Noor is the founder and chairman of the Inayat Khan Memorial Trust (NIKMT), which in 2012 installed the statue of Noor in the nearby Gordon Scour. (Input language)