Ms-13 Members in a Texas Prison Have Been Charged With the Murder of Fellow Inmates.


BEAUMONT, TEXAS – Seven MS-13 members have been charged in Texas with murdering and attempting to murder rival gang members inside the United States Penitentiary in Beaumont.

On January 31, 2022, members of La Mara Salvatrucha allegedly attacked rival gang members.

A 15-count indictment unsealed this week charges MS-13 members with planning and executing an attack against Mexican Mafia and Sureos associates. The strike resulted in two deaths, two attempted murders, and a nearly week-long nationwide lockdown of all Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates.


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“Even while incarcerated, MS-13 members remain committed to the organization’s violent ideology and, as alleged in this indictment, continue to commit extreme acts of murder and attempted murder,” said Joint Task Force Vulcan Director John J. Durham.

Prosecutors allege that MS-13 members Juan Carolos Rivas-Moreiera, Dimas Alfaro-Granados, Raul Landaverde-Giron, Larry Navarete, Jorge Parada, Hector Ramires, and Sergio Sibrian attacked rival gang members and Mexican Mafia associates in the A-A Housing Unit.

According to officials, Rivas-Moreiera began the attack by approaching Guillermo Riojas from behind and stabbing him twice in the chest. Andrew Pineda and other Sureos members were then pursued, cornered, beaten, and repeatedly stabbed by the MS-13 defendants. According to reports, the attack lasted approximately three minutes.

One of the victims died as a result of multiple stab wounds to the heart and lung, while the other sustained over 45 stab wounds throughout his body.

If convicted of the murder charges, each of the accused gang members could face the death penalty.

The Mexican Mafia, according to officials, controls a sizable portion of the Hispanic prison population in Texas, California, and the federal prison system.


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According to the indictment, MS-13 had a relationship with the Mexican Mafia and the Sureos for prison protection, but the relationship deteriorated “… as MS-13’s leadership in El Salvador sought to exert greater control and independence over its own members while incarcerated in US prisons.”

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