Mother Said She Took Dead Baby to See Dolphins and Pelicans Before Passing Out in Mud: Cops


Over the weekend, a Texas couple was arrested in connection with the disappearance of their newborn son, whom they allegedly claimed was dead. Zachary De La Rosa and Susanne Pierce were arrested and charged with one count of child injury, a second-degree crime, according to court records examined by Law & Crime.

Pierce is now charged with one additional crime of corpse abuse after she allegedly admitted to detectives that she took the baby’s corpse and travelled “all around town” with it, according to Brownsville NBC affiliate KVEO-TV. According to reports, she took the deceased infant to “the graveyard” then to the Old Causeway — likely near Port Isabel — to “watch the dolphins and pelicans.”

According to a press release, an individual went to the Cameron County Constable Precinct 1 office on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, and expressed worry for the welfare of a newborn infant born to a couple in Long Island Village. According to the authorities, the individual also stated that the pair had been telling alarmingly contradictory statements about the child’s well-being.


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The concerned individual discovered about Pierce’s pregnancy several months ago, according to a probable cause document obtained by KVEO. However, according to the complaint, De La Rosa called the individual last week and requested if the individual could return baby clothing to Walmart on his behalf. When the visitor inquired as to why the items needed to be returned, De La Rosa reportedly stated that Pierce had miscarried.

The constable’s office conducted an investigation into the child’s welfare and reportedly interviewed a woman who was close to De La Rosa and Pierce. The woman, who evidently was unaware Pierce was pregnant, reportedly stated that De La Rosa called her at approximately noon on March 8 in a “panic.” De La Rosa reportedly stated that Pierce was on the verge of giving birth. The woman apparently advised De La Rosa multiple times during the phone that he and Pierce needed to go to the hospital.

Later that evening, De La Rosa called the woman and informed her that Pierce had given birth to a baby boy, according to the affidavit. The woman then purchased clothing for the infant and drove to the couple’s home in the 200 block of Conche Street in Long Island Village, Texas, just southeast of Port Isabel, according to court filings. Once there, the woman reportedly informed authorities that she witnessed Pierce feeding the newborn baby alive and well. According to reports, Pierce informed the mother that the baby’s name was Michael.

The following day, the mother inquired about the infant with De La Rosa. He apparently was evasive at first but eventually gave a photograph of the child. However, De La Rosa allegedly sent the mom a Facebook message some hours later informing her that the boy had died.

Constables went to the defendants’ residence after many unsuccessful attempts to contact them and inquired about a baby named “Michael.” They apparently stated that they were unaware of any Michaels. Later that day, constables reportedly approached De La Rosa and showed him a photograph of the baby provided by the woman who had previously seen the youngster. De La Rosa then allegedly verified the child’s existence but gave him the name “Malaki,” according to the affidavit.

According to De La Rosa, the infant had ceased breathing the previous week. He allegedly stated that he attempted CPR unsuccessfully for two hours before passing out; when he awakened, he stated that Pierce and the child’s body had vanished.

When investigators spoke with Pierce, she allegedly admitted to transporting the child’s body throughout the town.

“Pierce stated that she had the kid wrapped in a blue blanket and concealed him beneath her shirt when she became entangled in the mud and blacked out,” KVEO reported. “She stated that when she awoke, the water began to rise and the baby had vanished.”

According to the Brownsville Herald, law enforcement agencies have been searching for the baby’s body with drones, but the publication cautioned that coyotes may have stolen the remains.



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“We’re going to fly a drone to see if we can acquire some overhead imagery of the area where the child was last seen,” Constable Norman Esquivel Jr. reportedly stated.

According to the constable’s office, De La Rosa and Pierce are currently being held in the Cameron County Jail on $70,000 and $60,000 bond, respectively.

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