More meat? In the wake of COVID-19 in China, people are turning to herbal substitutes. Corona: People in this country are afraid to eat meat, try this method

New Delhi: Due to Kovid-19, Chinese people are now afraid to eat meat. China is considered to be the center of all types of unhealthy food. Whether it’s centipedes, dog meat, or tarantulas, it means a poisonous spider. Such unhealthy food is still available in the market here. However, due to the ravages of Corona, there is a lot of change in the food of the people here.

In the Corona era, many Chinese companies are investing in vegetable meat products with health in mind. However, even today China provides a large amount of meat and Kovid hasn’t seen much change in the supply of meat here. But there are a lot of people all over the world who are gaining popularity by choosing the vegetarian option instead of non-vegetarian. China is one of those countries.

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Beyond Meat Inc., an American company recently signed an agreement to establish a production plant near Shanghai. Earlier, the company partnered with Starbucks to serve its plant-based meat products in coffee shops in China.

The local populations here are not left out in the field of production. Zhenmeat produces plant dumpling products in Beijing, a company that produces meatballs, steaks, pork, beef patties, porn lions, dumplings (momos), and crayfish. For your information, know that Zhenmeat is one of many Chinese companies starting to make plant-based foods in a country that consumes all types of meat.

“People are very aware of their health and restaurant brands after the Kovid-19 outbreak,” Jenwett founder and CEO Vince Lu said in an interview. Lu said sales had “increased significantly” since June, suggesting people are responding to the coronavirus crisis.

A customer visiting the Hope Tree restaurant, where meatballs are served to the people, said the plant-based meatball test is like tofu or soy cheese.