Money Talks Legislators Back $850 One-time Stimulus Checks With No Income Cap



Republican lawmakers, according to Maine Public Radio, want to increase one-time payments to Maine taxpayers as part of a $1.2 billion income surplus.

Republican legislators agreed to distribute the $850 checks to residents throughout Maine, as Democratic Governor Janet Mills proposed. If the proposal is adopted, Maine residents could begin receiving “stimulus cheques” in June.

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As the budget plan nears completion, leading Republicans laid out their objectives in late March. Republicans, on the other hand, want the one-time payment to be available to all Maine income tax filers, regardless of their income, which is in contrast to Mills’ proposal.

Mills proposes that the one-time payments be made to individuals earning less than $75,000 per year or couples earning less than $150,000 per year. Mills’ proposal, according to WGME, is to return a portion of the state’s budget surplus to taxpayers via $850 direct payments.

If payments are accepted, there is now a push to expedite their distribution by using electronic funds transfers rather than physical checks. While some legislators wish to expedite the process even further by utilising direct deposit, the initiative enjoys bipartisan support.

(1) Stimulus Check New Prospects for Stimulus Checks Include $850 One-Time Payments With No Income Cap, Backed by Legislators
Maine has never used direct deposit, and the state’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services warns that implementing it could create logistical difficulties, resulting in delayed payments.

“Maine Revenue Services estimates that approximately half of the estimated 800,000 taxpayers eligible for this relief have the necessary banking information on file.” “This is the fundamental reason why DAFS believes paper checks are the most trustworthy method of distribution at the moment,” they added in a statement.

Electronic payments, the state reports, are still being considered. A majority of two-thirds in the log money Talks The New Stimulus Check Prospects Include $850 One-Time Payments With No Income Limit, Backed by Legislatorsislature approval is required for the plan to pass. Maine’s budget surplus is $822 million.

Governor Mills proposed a one-time reward of $500 for an estimated 800,000 taxpayers. While residents of Maine await the outcome of the proposal, taxpayers across the country are being urged to double-check their bank accounts, as over 600,000 Americans remain due $1,400 stimulus payments.

According to a report by the Tax Inspector General for Tax Administration, nearly 175 million third-round checks have already been distributed, and an estimated 644,705 individuals may be eligible for payouts. This means that the company is still owed $1.6 billion.


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Although the IRS will not be issuing stimulus payments in the first, second, or third rounds, taxpayers should double-check their accounts. If your account indicates that you received a check but not the cash, you should contact the IRS to request a payment trace.

Individuals who have not received a check or have not received the full amount due to them may apply for a Recovery Rebate credit. Meanwhile, households are receiving hundreds of dollars in tax rebates. This month, the Idaho State Tax Commission will begin distributing 2022 rebates.

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