Megyn Kelly Receives Criticism for Her Covid Tweet


Megyn Kelly, a conservative media figure, angered people this week with a tweet expressing her anger at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) decision to add a coronavirus inoculation to the list of required vaccinations for schoolchildren.

“A scary number of kids are dying after getting the Covid vaccine, among other things from myocarditis,” Kelly wrote in a post on Wednesday afternoon.

“HOW DARE THE CDC PUT THIS ON THE LIST OF SCHOOL VACCINES? Don’t bother to listen. Be careful, especially with your teenage boys, but also with your teenage girls. These are not brokers you can trust. This could be dangerous!”

In the hours after her tweet, the former cable news anchor who is now a podcaster got a lot of bad feedback. Those who disagreed with Kelly pointed out that she didn’t provide any proof.

Some people on Twitter talked about how Kelly had lucrative TV contracts with several big news organizations before she left the mainstream media to start a podcasting career.

Megyn Kelly Receives Criticism for Her Covid Tweet

CNN’s media critic Brian Lowry said, “Today seems like a good time to remind people that NBC paid Megyn Kelly more than $30 million (the rest of her contract) NOT to do journalism there.”

Frank Luntz, a famous pollster, asked Kelly, “Do you have a link to a source that shows that “scary number of kids”?” “Also, the CDC doesn’t have the power to require immunizations for schoolchildren.

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States and local governments are in charge of school vaccination lists.”

This week, Kelly also caused a stir by criticizing Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, for saying that she felt like an object when she was a luggage handler on the popular game show “Deal or No Deal.”

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