Lawyer Tortured for Speaking Against the Pakistani Army | Sentenced to speak out against Pakistani army, lawyer tortured for 4 days

Islamabad: Those who speak out against the government and the military in Pakistan have to pay a heavy price. A lawyer also faced a harassment case over criticism from the military. It is said that the woman was abducted and tortured for about four days and then was thrown unconscious.

Human rights activist Arif Aajakia gave information about the incident on his social media account. In addition, he also posted a video of the lawyer criticizing the military. We see in the video that some people ask the woman questions, but she is not able to answer. According to the lawyer, she resides in Dipalpur and was abducted by four people on the morning of August 15. After that, the torture was thrown on the ground. However, no official statement has been made in this regard.

This is the grim reality of Pakistan’s highly oppressive military regime.
This is lawyer Ishrat Nasteen. She gave a speech against the army, in the lawyers’ convention (see thread).
She was abducted and kept her for 4 days. Look at her condition. See the thread for his speech 1/2

– Arif Aajakia (@arifaajakia) August 30, 2020

Oppressive military regime
Ajakia wrote in her tweet: “This is the grim reality of Pakistan’s oppressive military regime. Lawyer Ishrat Nasteen criticized the military during the lawyers’ session. After that, he was kidnapped and held hostage for 4 days. You can see what their condition has been.

Even before
In the old video of Ishrat Nastin posted by Ajkia, she is strongly against the army. It is believed that due to this video he was abducted and tortured. However, nothing has yet been said about this by the military. It should be noted that many such cases have also come to light in the past when those who have spoken out against the military or the government have faced various forms of torture in Pakistan.