Latest Updates of IRS: Will the (IRS) Extend the Tax Deadline in 2022?


Many people are wondering if the Internal Revenue Service would extend the tax filing deadlines this year after doing so in 2020 and 2021.

Tax day, April 18th is rapidly approaching, and many taxpayers are wondering if they will be awarded another automatic extension after receiving one the previous two years.

Because of the passage of the American Rescue Plan last year, the tax deadline was extended (ARP). The IRS needed some time to alter its processes as the ARP made many last-minute modifications to the US tax code. Because of the uncertainties surrounding the epidemic that hit the country in March of that year, the deadline was pushed out to 2020.

There has been no announcement of a nationwide extension to date, and none is expected because there are no significant changes to the tax code or other disturbances that would need one.

Which states’ tax filing deadlines have been extended?

While there has been no nationwide extension declared by the federal government, the IRS has identified certain states and counties where the deadline has been postponed due to a significant natural disaster.

Following a tornado outbreak in Kentucky, the IRS announced that residents and businesses in several counties (Barren, Breckinridge, Bullitt, Caldwell, Christian, Fulton, Graves, Grayson, Hart, Hickman, Hopkins, Logan, Lyon, Marion, Meade, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Shelby, Spencer, Taylor, Todd, and Warren) would have until May 16 to file their tax returns.

Those who were affected by the wildfires in Colorado that began on December 30, 2021, have until May 16 to file a claim. Residents of Tennessee’s Decatur and Dyer counties are in the same boat.

How long should my refund take to be processed?

According to the IRS, a person who files electronically and submits bank account information for direct deposit should receive their return within 21 days. Taxpayers can check the status of their returns using the IRS’s free Where’s My Refund tool. Within twenty-four hours of the refund being submitted, information on the status is usually available.


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