Japan, Taiwan Warn China Against Indo-Chinese Conflict | These two big countries have warned China amid escalating conflict between India and China, know the reason

New Delhi: Despite the two and a half hour talks between the foreign ministers of India (India) and China (China) in Moscow, tensions in the two countries remain deep. The armies of the two countries stand face to face in Ladakh at a distance of 300 meters with weapons and ammunition. Meanwhile, Japan and Taiwan have issued a stern warning to China for violating their respective countries’ air borders.

Taiwan creates air defense zone to deal with China
Taiwan’s Vice President Lai Ching-te said China should not cross the line and prevent its fighter jets from crossing Taiwan’s air border. Warned that Taiwan is in the process of establishing an air defense identification zone to protect its air border. China should therefore not be trying to make a mistake now. The vice president made it clear that Taiwan wanted peace but also knew how to fight to protect its people.

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China poses biggest threat to Japan: Japanese Defense Minister
At the same time, Japan’s Defense Minister Taro Kono described China as a serious security threat to his country. Kono said China is trying to establish dominance in the East China Sea through its military. Kono said, “When I was the country’s foreign minister, I avoided talking about China as a threat to Japan. But now that I have become the country’s defense minister, I have to seriously say that the biggest threat to Japan is China.

Senkaku will fight for the island until the last moment
The Japanese Defense Minister said that we are fully prepared to protect every inch of our country. We will fight for the last time for our Senkaku Island in the East China Sea. If we don’t save Senkaku Island, China will deploy its army there and convert it into a military zone like the South China Sea. Kono said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recognized this danger a long time ago and our policies are now prepared accordingly.

Quad must be strong to face China: Taro Kono
He said that China, emerging as an economic and military force, is determined to break all international standards. It’s not about stopping the United States and Japan alone. For that, we will have to take steps to stop China by increasing coordination with other countries. Kono’s signal was for the quad. In which America, Japan, India and Australia are gradually developing mutual understanding to deal with China.