Israel has taken military support to deal with the crisis. News in Hindi, world

Ramale (Israel): Major General Ori Gordin, an Israeli army officer, led a commando campaign during his three-decade career, fought wars and studied at Harvard University, but has recently received the post of He had no previous experience. Gordin, the head of the IDF’s “Home Front Command”, has been assigned responsibility for the military’s “task force” on the corona virus.

This task force was formed last month to prevent the spread of the epidemic and its main goal is to find out who comes in contact with those infected and break the chain of spreading infection. “It’s a different type of campaign,” Gordin said.

The border was sealed and the lockdown was implemented by taking swift action after the first cases of the corona virus surfaced in Israel. He was largely successful in preventing the spread of infection.

As a result, May saw a sharp drop in the number of infections reported daily, and Israel was considered an ideal country for the management of Kovid-19. But authorities opened business establishments well in advance, causing the infection to spread. Over the summer, the rate of new cases increased and the number of deaths rose to more than 900.

Under extreme public pressure, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Dr Ronnie Gamju as “national Corona virus project manager” in July. Gamju was a prominent hospital director and a director in the Ministry of Health. Taking the first step, he enlisted the help of the military to break the chain of infection.

Recently, Gamju told reporters, “You need the best force for the campaign and only the Israel Defense Force can do it in Israel.” The Corona Virus Working Group, under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, mainly plays the role of coordinator and assistant for civil organizations.

This working group works in four main areas: increasing the number of investigations, working with laboratories to get the results of the investigation quickly, talking to infected people, and finding those who come in contact with them and victims of the disease. ‘infection. Send immediately to the quarantine center.

(Entrance: Agence AP)