Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari executed after the murder of a security guard in 2018 | Despite global protests, the death penalty for this country’s wrestler

Tehran: Iranian wrestler Nawid Afkari was hanged. Nawid Afkari was accused of killing a security guard while participating in anti-government protests in 2018, in which he was convicted and hanged on Saturday. There has been a lot of opposition to this punishment, despite the Iranian government sleeping Afkari to death.

The Supreme Court rejected the request for review
Nawid was legally sentenced to death according to the wishes of the suffering family, citing Kazem Mousavi, head of the Justice Department of the Persian State of southern Iran. Afkari was accused of killing Hasan Turkman, who
Previously, he worked as a security guard in a water company. There have been more murder cases on Hasan and in August the Supreme Court dismissed his petition for review.

Greco was a Roman wrestler
Nawid Afkari (27) was a Greco-Roman wrestler. His family said he was forced and tortured to confess to this crime. His lawyer also said he was forced to confess, failing which there was no evidence against him. However, the court rejected every plea made by his lawyer. His lawyer also alleged that Afkari was not even involved in his family before hanging him, which was legally necessary.

Everyone opposes the punishment, but Iran has kept a tight silence
To protest the punishment of Nawid Afkari, the world organization, which has led 85,000 athletes, called on Iran to impose a punishment on the punishment and said that Iran would be boycotted in the sports world for have done so. Despite this, Afkari was hanged. At the same time, US President Donald Trump has also called for an end to the punishment of Afarkari, which has been ignored by Iran.

Nawid Afarki lost his life for his involvement in anti-government protests?
In 2018, there were heated protests in Iran against the declining economy and harsh government policies. Afarkari was also involved in these protests. Iran and Israel were responsible for it. Afkari is believed to have been sentenced to death for his involvement in these protests. However, a video of Afkari aired on Iran’s channel last month, in which he was reportedly seen confessing to his crimes. During this time, his written statement was also shown. However, human rights organizations rejected it as government propaganda.