Inside Brandon Lawson’s Mysterious Disappearance From a Texas Highway


Brandon Lawson ran out of petrol in the middle of the night on rural Route 277, then made a series of bizarre phone calls before disappearing.

Brandon Lawson went missing in 2013, leaving officials perplexed and his family in despair. The facts leading up to his abduction in Bronte, Texas, looked to be completely contradictory. He was a loving father of four, but on the night of August 8, 2013, he stormed out of his house in a rage. When he ran out of gas an hour later, he contacted the cops, but he hid from them when they arrived.

According to NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, Lawson told an emergency operator, “Yes, I’m in the middle of a field.” “I ran out of gas in my pickup. There is only one car here. The man is pursuing [inaudible] into the woods. Please act quickly! We’re not speaking to him… “I told you I bumped into ’em.”


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In addition to calling the cops, Lawson called his brother Kyle and asked him to bring him some gas. Kyle arrived shortly after 1 a.m. on Aug. 9, but Lawson was nowhere to be found. Nobody has seen him since.

Lawson was in his junior year of high school when he approached sophomore Ladessa Lofton and asked for her phone number. The couple became inseparable, and they had three children together. Lofton also became a stepmother to Lawson’s former relationship’s child. They’d been together for ten years before Lawson vanished.

With the pressures of working more than 60 hours per week in the oil fields and a newborn boy at home, Lawson turned to methamphetamine just before his disappearance. According to an interview with Lawson’s brother Kyle on the Crawlspace podcast, Lawson called Kyle on August 7, 2013 to ask where he could acquire the substance.

Lawson did not return home to his family that evening, which sparked a quarrel with Lofton when he did return to their San Angelo, Texas, house on August 8. He stormed out of their fight in his pickup just before midnight.

Brandon Lawson Fishing Assistance/Facebook Lawson had relapsed before missing.

“I think he didn’t have a lot of petrol when he left,” Lofton speculated. “I contacted my brother-in-law and told him [Lawson] was about to run out of gas, and I put the gas tin on the porch for him to give to him so he could go buy him gas, because he was fairly angry at the time.”

Lawson had contacted his father at 11:30 p.m. to say he was on his way home to Crowley, Texas. Lawson, however, did not complete the three-hour drive when he ran out of petrol on Route 277 at 12:30 a.m. on Aug. 9. In a panic, he called his brother Kyle, who was concerned that Lawson was intoxicated and hallucinating.

“Three (expletives) are pursuing me out of town,” Lawson explained, adding that he was referring to “the Mexicans in the area.”

When his brother questioned him if he was high, Lawson denied it. Kyle left his house with his wife and four-year-old boy in tow and drove to Lawson’s to grab the gas can Lofton had left on the porch.

The brothers spoke on the phone numerous more times, with Lawson frequently hanging up after only a few phrases. Lawson informed Kyle that he was bleeding at one point. Meanwhile, Oxygen reports that Lawson dialled 911 at 12:50 a.m. and told the dispatcher that he wasn’t alone — and that he wanted the cops.


Is Brandon Lawson out due to a foul?

Lofton described the 911 call as “sort of in-and-out, but you can still comprehend what he’s saying.” “He merely said someone was looking for him… I’m not sure what happened. That 911 call is all we have… “I’m still not sure what happened.”

Lawson, Brandon Help Find Brandon Lawson/Facebook Lawson’s family has never given up hope of finding him.

At 12:56 a.m., a passing trucker noticed Lawson’s parked truck hanging over the white line of the road and contacted 911. Around 1:10 a.m., a police officer arrived to inspect the abandoned vehicle, just as Kyle pulled up while on the phone with Lawson. Lawson said he was immediately there and watched him approach, but neither Kyle nor the police officer saw him.


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Kyle suspected Lawson was hiding from the cop and parked down the road to wait. Lawson, though, was nowhere to be seen even after the officer had left. Kyle’s phone calls were now going to Lawson’s voicemail, so he left to bring his family home. Kyle returned to the abandoned truck around daylight, but Lawson remained unaccounted for.

According to a deputy report, “the only trace of someone being in that vicinity was a spot under a tree where it looked someone sat down near to the roadway within eyesight of where Lawson’s pickup broke down.”

The Coke County Sheriff’s Office towed Lawson’s truck at 8 a.m., noting that Lawson had an outstanding warrant for narcotics charges and had previously spent time in jail, prompting them to accuse Kyle of assisting his brother in his disappearance. After two polygraphs cleared Kyle, the hunt for Lawson resumed.

Authorities used thermal imaging cameras, planes, and six cadaver dogs to scour the area but discovered nothing. Lofton even engaged a private investigator who was in charge of a team of ten persons. While Kyle claimed Lawson told him Lofton had “guys from their area following him,” everyone involved felt he was being paranoid.

A Surprising Discover Leads To A Possible Closure

Brandon Lawson went missing on August 13, 2013, the same day Texas Rangers began a helicopter search. Local police had previously confirmed that he was no longer in the county the day before. His family eventually set up the “Help Find Brandon Lawson” Facebook page to collect leads and coordinate searches in the area where Lawson went missing.

Brandon Lawson Missing Memorial Assist in Locating Brandon Lawson/Facebook Lawson’s memorial on Route 277

“My brother may have been a felon, may have experimented with drugs, and may have relapsed,” Kyle explained, “but… he loved his children, he cared for his children, he was a decent person.” He wasn’t some drug addict living on the streets, stealing people or trying to get over on someone so he could get high again.”

While authorities determined that Lawson had taken from his 401(k) before to his disappearance, he was scheduled to start a new job in a few days, and his family does not believe he went missing on purpose.

On Feb. 4, 2022, about a decade after Lawson went missing, clothing matching his description was discovered. According to GoSanAngelo, a subsequent search resulted in the finding of human remains near Lawson’s last known location.

“I think it’s kind of it when they found the human remains,” Lofton added. “Right now, I’m more concerned about the kids… they still don’t know how to digest this.” We have a feeling it’s him. Who else could it be, we think? He was not going to abandon his family. Brandon wasn’t the type of person who would do something like that.”



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At the time of writing, the DNA test results used to identify the remains as Brandon Lawson’s had not been made public. Even if the DNA matches Lawson’s, there are still many unanswered issues concerning the young father’s inexplicable disappearance.

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