Indonesian patrol clashes with Chinese ship in economic zone |

Jakarta: An Indonesian patrol boat protested against a Chinese Coast Guard vessel that had been in the waters for nearly three days where Indonesia is claiming economic rights. The area is located near the southern end of the disputed area of ​​China’s South China Sea claims. The Indonesian Maritime Safety Agency learned Friday evening of the entry of Chinese vessel 5204 into Indonesia’s Special Economic Zone, which Indonesia calls the North Natuna Water Zone.

The head of the Indonesian Maritime Safety Agency, Aon Kurnia, said the agency had sent a patrol vessel within a kilometer of the Chinese Coast Guard vessel and that the staff of the said patrol vessel strongly supported their country’s claims in the region.

Kurnia said, “We told them to leave the area because it is Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone.” However, he pointed out that it was the Chinese region of the “nine point line”. Our officers on board argued with them until they left. ”

Kurnia said he informed Indonesian government ministers of the incident. He said: “The Chinese Coast Guard vessel finally left North Natuna on Monday at 11:20 a.m.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said China saw nothing wrong in the traces of personnel on board and said the two countries were in contact with “relevant maritime issues.” “China’s rights and interests in the affected waters of the South China Sea are clear,” Wang said in a daily briefing Tuesday. Patrolled.

It’s worth noting that China’s “ nine point line ” actually shows its claim to the entire South China Sea. In 2016, an international arbitration decision concerning the Philippines rejected most of China’s widespread claims at sea, but China ignored the decision.

Indonesia does not have a land claim in the South China Sea, but part of Indonesia’s special economic zone is in China’s “nine-point line” which includes a natural gas field.