India tries to remove Kashmir issue from UNSC list | Kashmir issue was not raised at UNSC, India is taking action

United Nations: India called for the permanent removal of the Jammu and Kashmir issue from the Security Council agenda under the “outdated subject” of the “India-Pakistan issue” at the United Nations. On this issue, India has targeted Pakistan, calling it a hotbed of terror. India issued a statement saying the world was not interested in this irrational issue.

India has targeted Pakistan indirectly
Indirectly targeting Pakistan, India said there is a delegation here that repeatedly tries to change itself as a contributor to international peace, but sadly is unable to understand that the world is known there. as the source of international terror and the center of the terrorist syndicate.

India to remove Kashmir issue from UNSC
India said in the “Security Council Report for 2019”: “This delegation continues to discuss the obsolete subject in the Council which must be removed from the Council’s agenda forever.”

Pakistan tries to raise the issue
During the informal plenary session on the annual report of the Security Council, Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations Munir Akram raised the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and said the Security Council failed to implement its own resolutions and decisions on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. is. He said the council had met three times in the past year to review the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

The last discussion took place in 1965
The subject of the “India-Pakistan question” was first raised in the Security Council at a formal meeting on January 6, 1948, and then on November 5, 1965, the last time it was considered. But with China’s cooperation, Pakistan has tried to discuss the Jammu and Kashmir issue in the Security Council. On August 16 of last year, the council discussed it in a closed room but no results were found.

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