In Texas, an 18-wheeler Carrying 115 Immigrants Was Discovered.


Border patrol officials halted three 18-wheelers in Texas to detain over 200 unauthorised immigrants crammed inside – including 115 crammed into one cabin, authorities said.

The Border Patrol discovered the 115 immigrants, including three unaccompanied children, hiding in the tractor-trailer Thursday evening near Laredo.

Authorities stated that they observed the strange vehicle and attempted to pull it over by flashing their patrol lights, but the truck continued on its way.


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The motorist was eventually apprehended near mile marker 10, officials added. A search uncovered immigrants hidden inside from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Authorities posted photographs on Saturday showing dozens of immigrants crowded into a single cabin of a tractor-trailer.

“They’re fortunate that it happened on a cold night in Laredo. Temperatures inside those trailers can reach 115, 120 degrees, and with that many people inside, it’s quite unsafe,” said Sara Melendez, a spokesman for the United States. Border Patrol sector in Laredo.

The 115 immigrants, including three unaccompanied minors, were caught concealing themselves inside the tractor.

“There is no ventilation whatsoever. “It’s nothing more than a closed, sealed box,” she explained.



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Another 78 immigrants were discovered last week inside two other trucks during smuggling operations, authorities added. Within 36 hours of each other, all three smuggling attempts were foiled.

According to Border Patrol, the drivers in all three incidents are US citizens. At the moment, all drivers and immigrants are being held in custody.

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