In May 2022, One State Passed $750 Stimulus Checks.


This state’s frontline workers will receive a $750 stimulus check – On April 28, the office of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz confirmed a bipartisan agreement to provide an additional stimulus check to frontline workers and small business owners. The announcement comes as the prospect of another round of federal stimulus payments fades.

Governor Walz said in a statement that his state “continues to show the country” that a divided legislature can still “come together to get things done.”


“I am proud of this bipartisan agreement to provide hazard pay to frontline workers as well as relief to small business owners, both of whom made significant sacrifices during the pandemic to keep their communities safe and our economy strong.”

Speaker Melissa Hortman also stated that the new package’s top priority is to ensure that frontline workers, who worked every day even during the worst days of the pandemic, receive the bonuses promised last year.

The Minnesota House of Representatives formally approved the plan in February. The legislation quadrupled the original $250 million budget for “Hero Pay” frontline worker stimulus checks passed earlier this year.

Republicans and Democrats couldn’t agree on who would be eligible for the checks at first, with Democrats pushing for them to be available to a broader range of workers, while Republicans wanted the money to go primarily to first responders, nurses, and doctors.

The check will be available to an estimated 667,000 Minnesota workers.

Frontline workers who continued to work as the pandemic began in 2020 will be eligible for the payment. The term “frontline workers” in the latest legislative package is broader than Republicans intended, including teachers, healthcare workers, grocery store workers, corrections officers, and others who continue to work in-person.

Minnesota residents who are unsure whether they qualify can apply for the checks online and wait for a state official to determine their eligibility.

When Will the Checks Arrive and How Do I Apply?

According to Minnesota Labor and Industry Commissioner Roslyn Robertson, an online application system is currently being developed and will be operational within the next four weeks. Those who believe they are eligible for the stimulus payment should apply online and wait 45 days.


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Those who are rejected will have an additional 15-day appeal period.

“When you add all of those timeframes together, I think we’re looking at about 10 to 12 weeks before we can reasonably expect checks to be out the door,” Robertson explained.

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