In a California Drive-by Shooting, a Driver Flees After His Car Is Peppered With Bullets!


COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA  – Authorities in a small California town are investigating after a driver was allegedly forced to pull over and then shot multiple times while still inside the vehicle.

Connie Ternes, a neighbor in the small hamlet of Hood, described the occurrence as disturbing.

“I can’t imagine that happening out here,” she explained. “This is a rather tranquil location, slightly removed from such things.”

Darcy and Lance Seppi, who reside on a nearby property, heard the gunfire.

“I began hearing guns going off, ‘Boom, boom, boom,'” Darcy Seppi explained.

According to Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office investigators, the driver of a Land Rover was driven off the main road by another car, which then began firing.

The Land Rover was pierced by more than 20 bullets.

“It’s incredible that the victim survived,” Sgt. Rodney Grassmann said.

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The victim crawled to the passenger side of the vehicle and fled into an open field, where he was shot in the stomach and back.

Investigators are attempting to ascertain whether the individuals were acquainted.

“There are numerous possibilities,” Grassmann stated. “Perhaps there was an unreported road rage incident in which that motorist committed an offense against the other driver. I don’t believe the public should be concerned about some insane individual randomly firing at people.”

According to neighbors, the shooting is unusual in the small village of about 300 residents, and they are left to speculate on the motive.


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“I’m at a loss for words,” Ternes explained. “Who would do such a thing? What is the rationale for shooting at someone so many times in the middle of the night?”

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