How to Increase Your Social Security Benefits With Almost No Effort


Social Security benefits can go a long way in retirement, particularly if personal savings are depleted. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure that you are collecting all of the benefits for which you are eligible.

Although retirement benefits are the most common type of Social Security, if you are married or divorced, you may be eligible for additional benefits. In some cases, you may be able to collect $800 or more per month from Social Security with no effort on your part – even if you have never worked.


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What is the difference between spousal and divorce benefits?

If you have worked and paid taxes for a minimum of ten years, you are generally eligible for retirement benefits based on your own work history. However, if you have not worked that long or qualify for only a small amount of retirement benefits, you may qualify for spousal or divorce benefits.

With these benefits, you’ll receive a monthly payment based on your spouse’s or ex-earnings. spouse’s In both cases, the maximum benefit you may receive is 50% of what your spouse (or ex-spouse) may receive at full retirement age (FRA).

According to the Social Security Administration, the average monthly benefit is approximately $1,657. If you are currently married and your partner is entitled to that amount under their FRA, you could receive up to $828 in spousal benefits per month.

Are you qualified to receive these benefits?

Not every spouse or divorcee is eligible for spousal and divorce benefits. To qualify for spousal benefits, you must be married and your spouse must be a Social Security beneficiary. Additionally, you must be at least 62 years old to file a claim.

To qualify for divorce benefits, your previous marriage must have lasted at least ten years and you cannot be married at the time of filing. However, if your ex-spouse remarries, this will have no effect on your ability to claim divorce benefits based on his or her work record.

Additionally, if you are less than two years divorced, you must wait until your ex-spouse files for benefits before you can begin claiming.


How much money are you eligible to receive?

If you qualify for Social Security benefits based on your own work history, you may still qualify for spousal or divorce benefits. However, your benefit amount must be less than the amount you would receive under other circumstances, and you will receive only the greater of the two amounts.

As an example, suppose you qualify for $700 per month based on your own record and your spouse qualifies for $2,000 per month based on their FRA. In this case, you would qualify for $1,000 per month in spousal benefits, resulting in a total monthly benefit of $1,000 – not $1,700. If you earned, say, $1,500 per month on your own, you would be ineligible for spousal benefits.

Finally, bear in mind that standard claim rules continue to apply. To obtain the maximum amount of spousal or divorce benefits, you must file after your FRA. If you file a claim before that age (as early as age 62), your benefit amount will be reduced.


Utilising Social Security As Much As Possible

Social Security can be a lifeline during retirement, so it’s critical to ensure that you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled. Spousal and divorce benefits can increase your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars, and by utilising them fully, you can position yourself for a more comfortable retirement.


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