Heavily Addicted Man Kills Wife and Mother, Says He’ll Surrender to Cops “When He Knows They Are Real”: Cops


A Texas man was arrested this week after reportedly fatally shooting his wife and mother inside an apartment in Waco with a 20-gauge shotgun. According to internet records obtained by Law&Crime, Adam James Gorski, 37, was arrested on Monday and charged with two charges of capital murder in the murders of Kimberly Cheny Gorski, 39, and Teresa Vise, 61.

Officers responded to a 911 report concerning shots being fired at a residence in the Gemini Village Apartments in the 900 block of Wooded Acres Drive on March 14, according to a press release from Waco Police Department Public Information Officer Cierra Shipley. When first responders arrived at the location at 10:23 p.m., they discovered two adult females inside the home who looked to have multiple gunshot wounds.


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“Officers quickly initiated medical aid, but their wounds were too severe, and the girls were pronounced dead on scene,” according to the announcement.

The suspect was an adult guy later identified as Gorski, who allegedly lingered at the site of the double homicide. Officers apprehended him without incident and lodged him into the McLennan County Jail.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in McLennan County District Court, Gorski called 911 to report the gunshot at 10:15 p.m., according to Waco CBS affiliate KWTX-TV. He allegedly told the 911 operator that he had taken “a lot of medication” before shooting both women inside the flat.

According to the affidavit, “he told authorities the victims were lying on the floor and were not breathing.”

Gorski allegedly told the dispatcher that he still had the shotgun with him, but that he needed to speak with an officer first and would put it away “once he knows they are real.”


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When first responders arrived on the site and knocked on the door, no one replied, according to the affidavit. The officer’s foot apparently went right through the door, leaving a gaping hole from the hallway into the flat as police attempted to kick it down.

According to police, when they entered the house, they discovered one of the women’s bodies motionless on the floor. Following the discovery of the first body, ultimately identified as Gorski’s mother, another cop allegedly shot the door open with a shotgun to gain entry.

Gorski’s wife’s body was reportedly discovered stretched out in the hallway close to a bedroom.

The shotgun, which reportedly had three shells in the loaded magazine and one shell in the chamber, was recovered by police. Gorski was said to have seven extra shells in his pocket, and there were several spent shells on the floor.

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