He Was Sentenced to 75 Years in Prison for Shooting His Live-in Girlfriend.


Prosecutors announced Wednesday that a 52-year-old convicted Texas killer was sentenced to three quarters of a century in prison for the 2017 murder of his live-in girlfriend.

Guy Wayne Lynch, a United States Army veteran and self-described former president of a “criminal motorcycle gang,” claimed he was “seeing demons” when he shot Tia Spearman, 21, twice in the head. Prosecutors allege that he dumped the victim’s body in a rural area and left the remains for hog trappers to discover one month after her family last heard from her.

Lynch was found guilty of murder nearly five years later by an Ellis County jury. Judge Cindy Ermatinger imposed a 75-year sentence on Lynch, ensuring that he will be ineligible for parole until he has served 30 years—that is, Lynch will not be eligible for release until he is in his early eighties.




In a press release summarizing the case, prosecutors stated that Spearman’s skeletal remains were discovered on July 15, 2017. Until Aug. 15, 2017, that fact was not confirmed. Spearman’s family received her last communication on June 11, 2017.

Tia Spearman’s aunt, Sharon Murray, told KSWO in 2017 that she was a “very sweet person” who “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Spearman, Murray stated, was “secretive” about “this boyfriend nobody knew about.”

“And then she was gone,” the victim’s aunt explained.

Lynch had adult and minor sons living with him and Spearman at the time of the killing, according to prosecutors; the older child stated that he inquired about Spearman’s whereabouts, and his father admitted shooting the woman in the head following an argument.

Lynch went on to testify at trial and admitted that he had been living a “life of sin” prior to the killing. He stated that he believed he was “seeing demons” and that both he and Spearman were possessed.

Lynch stated in a press release issued by Ellis County prosecutors that he underwent a spiritual conversion days after killing Spearman:

[Lynch] explained that he and Spearman were driving on Interstate 45 when the demons appeared. Fearful, he drew his gun from his waistband and fired a single shot into Spearman’s head. He remained fearful, exited the highway, and drove a short distance to extricate Spearman’s body and any demons from the truck, according to the release. While Spearman lay on the ground, he reloaded the gun into her head, returned to his truck, and drove away. Lynch explained that he continued to see demons over the next few days and had made the decision to commit suicide. However, the release stated that he had an awakening, accepted Christ into his heart, and was now on the right track.


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Prosecutors cast doubt on the defendant’s conversion by noting that: 1) Lynch continued to deny responsibility for the murder; 2) he did not contact the victim’s family or the police following the killing; 3) he destroyed evidence; 4) he attempted to clean up blood in his truck; and 5) he “coached his son regarding what to say to the police if officers ever questioned the son about Lynch’s involvement in Spearman’s death.”

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