Hamas and Israel reach agreement to end escalation in Gaza | No more attacks on the Gaza Strip! Hamas and Israel made this deal

Gaza City: An agreement has been reached between Hamas and Israel, the Islamic organization ruling in the Gaza Strip in Palestine, that the two sides will no longer attack each other. In return, Israel will also end the blockade of the Gaza Strip, as well as other exemptions. Qatar has concluded this agreement, on which both parties agree. With this agreement, the fighting on both sides has also stopped for three weeks.

There has been a fight on both sides since August 6
Israel constantly responded to these attacks, such as instances where Hamas threw explosives in balloons into Israel and exploded. Since August 6, Israel has carried out dozens of rocket attacks on Gaza every day. In fact, the strategy that Hamas had prepared for the attack on Israel was very different. In this case, explosives and crude oil were sent to Israel filled with condoms, balloons and plastic bags, as a result of which at least 400 arson attacks occurred in Israel. Not only that, in response to the rocket attacks by Hamas, Israel also constantly attacked with missiles. But now it will all stop.

Qatar-led Mishra delegation reaches agreement
Mishra’s delegation had taken on the task of holding this dialogue between Hamas and Israel. Under which Hamas has achieved great success. From now on, Israel will not only open the blockade of the Gaza Strip for the past 13 years, but will also secure the supply of oil and electricity and will also open the Gaza sea border. In return, Hamas will not launch any attack against Israel.

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What was the way in Gaza so far?
Due to the Israeli blockade in Gaza, there was only 4 hours of electricity supply. Not only that, the supply of gasoline and diesel was not done either. But now Israel will make life easier for 2 million people in Gaza.

What did Israel say?
As long as Hamas abides by this agreement, Israel will also remain committed to following this agreement. Any attack on the Gaza Strip would break this agreement.

What did Hamas say?
Hamas has expressed its joy at the deal. However, Hamas is asking for something else. Hamas wants Israel to issue a laissez-passer for the people of Gaza after the Corona crisis. So that the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip can also go elsewhere in Palestine or do work in Israel itself. Apart from that, Hamas also wants to expand the industrial zone in Gaza.

Why has Israel blocked?
Let us tell you that Hamas attacked Israel after occupying the Gaza Strip. Since 2007, fighting had continued on both sides and Israel had blocked the entire area. Meanwhile, in the years 2008, 2012 and 2014, there was an open struggle on both sides, in which heavy weapons and even tanks were used. Although there have been temporary peace deals on both sides, but again bloody fighting has started on both sides in the past three weeks, which are now completely over.