Gunmen shot 9 motorcyclists and set the town on fire. News in Hindi, world

Manila (Philippines): In the southern Philippines, gunmen arrested a group of motorcyclists and shot them with bullets, killing nine people. Then set fire to a bustling city in the southern Philippines. Police released this information on Sunday. Police said most of those attacked on Saturday afternoon in Kabakan town, Cotabato province, were farmers.

Officials say the incident may have taken place due to a local conflict and is unlikely to be a terrorist incident. Cotabato is a poverty-stricken region, where Muslim separatism has been declining for decades.

This happened in 2014 after the agreement between the largest Filipino Muslim rebel group and the government. However, small armed groups associated with ISIS still pose a threat.

The official said most of those killed did not know each other and traveled on six motorcycles. Police investigator Delir Parcon said after getting off his motorbike in the middle of the road, he was shot at least 39 times with a rifle and pistol.

According to the police report, eight victims fell asleep dead on the spot and another died in hospital. The gunman fled while sitting in a pickup truck. Police officials said we have interviewed witnesses and are looking for possible footage from security cameras so that the attackers can be identified.

(Entrance: Agence AP)