Greece to buy new defense to face Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean | Why is a war front preparing in the eastern Mediterranean? These forces are stretched face to face

Greece: Amid growing confrontation with Turkey over mining in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Greece has announced the strengthening of the country’s military. For this, it will buy fighter planes, naval frigates and helicopters as well as the recruitment of new soldiers. It will also strengthen its capacities to deal with cyber attacks.

Greece to buy three forces after 20 years
Greek Prime Minister Criacos Mitsotakis said on Saturday it was time to strengthen the country’s forces. For this, 18 Rafale Aviations, 4 Multi Purpose Navy Frigates and 4 Navy Helicopters will be purchased in France. In addition, the recruitment of 15,000 new soldiers will be launched in the country. With this, capacities will be strengthened to deal with cyber attacks.

He said 4 frigates already working in the navy will also be modernized, which will create hundreds of new jobs. Let me tell you that in 2000 Greece made a large scale defense purchase. By this time he had bought tanks and submarines from Germany, warplanes from America, and missiles and hovercraft from Russia. Corruption was later found in these defense purchases. After which two defense ministers at the time were sentenced to prison.

France supported the position of Greece and Cyprus
At the same time, France strongly supported the position of Greece and Cyprus against Turkey. France has deployed its warships and fighter jets in the eastern Mediterranean to support Greece. French President Emmanuel Macron has warned Turkey not to cross the Red Line. If he makes a mistake, he will support Greece in the dispute. Apart from this open support for France, the other European and NATO countries are still silent. Expressing his displeasure over this, Mitsotakis said NATO countries were doing them an injustice by not supporting them in this dispute.

Turkey wants to force mine in eastern Mediterranean
Let us know that Turkey struck a deal with Libya last year. After which he claimed to have the right to mining for the discovery of hydrocarbons in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. In response, Greece also signed a similar deal with Egypt last week. Since then, the two countries have insisted on the right to mining in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and have called the agreements between them illegal. Meanwhile, Turkey sent its navy ships to the eastern Mediterranean last month to search for oil by force. In response, Greece has also deployed its warships in the eastern Mediterranean. Greece also carried out a shock exercise in the eastern Mediterranean last month. In which several European countries, including the United Arab Emirates, also participated.

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Impossible to speak on gun point: Missotakis
Greek Prime Minister Missotakis said Turkey was creating conditions of security instability on the border with Eastern Europe. In an article published in a French newspaper, Misotakis said he wanted to negotiate with Turkey to resolve the differences. But this conversation cannot take place at gunpoint. He said if there was no solution to this conversation then the way for the two of them to go to an international tribunal was open.

European Union warns Turkey
On the other hand, expressing concern about the whole situation, the European Union called on Turkey to show restraint. Joseph Burrell, the union’s diplomatic chief, said that if Turkey does not agree to negotiate, the European Union could impose an economic ban on the September 24 summit.