Grand statement from China on border dispute – Indian army accused of crossing LAC

New Delhi: The Chinese military has accused the Indian military of crossing the Real Line of Control (LAC) amid the escalation in Ladakh. That is why the spokesperson for the Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command accused the Indian Army of provocation and said that the Indian Army opened fire on our soldiers. That said, the Indian military also threatened.

China’s Western Theater Command spokesperson Col. Zhang Shiuli (Zhang Shuili) said India, while acting provocatively, crossed the LAC near Lake Pangong incorrectly. During the operation, the Indian army opened fire and threatened our soldiers. In response, China also responded. In this context, India has seriously violated the agreements between the two parties and worked to increase regional tensions. It is an act of provocation and it leads to misunderstandings.

He said we urge the Indian side to immediately stop this dangerous game. Immediately ask the Indian soldiers to return to their border. At the same time, investigate the matter and take action against the soldiers who opened fire so that such an incident does not happen again.

After this claim from China, there is still no response from the Indian military.

The #Indian Army again illegally crossed the Line of Control in Shenpao Mountain near the southern shore of Pangong Tso Lake on Monday, the #PLA Western Theater Command spokesperson revealed.

– Global Times (@globaltimesnews) September 7, 2020

Moving to China
China’s statement came at a time when Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is due to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister at the SCO meeting in Russia. The timing of China’s statement is also important as just two days ago Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met with Chinese Defense Minister in Russia. Therefore, such rhetoric from China may also fit into a particular strategy, experts say, between border tension and talks at the commander and political levels.

Defense experts say it’s part of China’s strategy to confuse others by becoming old, victims.