Gov. Walz Pushes for $500 Stimulus Checks in Minnesota


The Minnesota governor prefers delivering direct relief to those in need, at a time when numerous states are proposing gas stimulus checks and other tax rebates to help residents offset rising gas prices and the prices of other commodities. Earlier this year, Gov. Tim Walz introduced the notion of Minnesota stimulus cheques. Though the idea hasn’t been finalized yet, we now have more information on direct payments, sometimes known as “Walz checks.”

What Are Minnesota Stimulus Checks?

Walz released the state’s amended budget proposal last week, which includes a $500 direct payment for single taxpayers and $1,000 for married couples. This amended budget proposal comes after a budget forecast released in late February that predicted a $9.25 billion surplus, up to $1.5 billion from the December forecast.

“With a historic surplus, we have the chance to deliver immediate relief to Minnesotans while also investing in our state’s future.” “Direct payments are one of the best ways to make it easier for Minnesotans to pay their bills in the face of global economic uncertainty,” Walz said.

More than 2.7 million Minnesota households will receive stimulus cheques if the idea is adopted. Individuals earning less than $164,400 a year would receive $500, while couples earning less than $273,470 would receive $1,000.

Stimulus Update Gov. Walz Pushes for $500 Stimulus Checks in Minnesota (1)
Gov. Walz Pushes for $500 Stimulus Checks in Minnesota

Sending the Minnesota stimulus payments would cost around $2 billion. The proposed check amount (between $500 and $1,000) is roughly three times what Walz proposed earlier this year.

Some state senators have proposed a summer gas tax break in response to rising inflation and gas prices. Democrats are proposing a tax vacation, but Republicans are advocating for a tax decrease. Walz, on the other hand, is sticking to his plan to send direct payments but says that if the state Legislature approves a gas tax break, he will sign it.

“I believe that getting this money into people’s hands before summer will make a significant difference.” Walz told reporters, “It’s also fiscally responsible.”

What Does the Revised Budget Proposal Include?

The updated budget proposal includes several other features in addition to the Minnesota stimulus payments. It proposes a $73 million investment to assist offset “inflationary pressures experienced by pensioners on Minnesota public pension schemes,” for example. A total of $20 million is set aside in the proposal for the Main Street Economic Revitalization program.

In addition, the budget proposal recommends funding for Small Business Partnership programs and allocates $9 million for “advanced cybersecurity defense layers.” In addition, the proposal calls for a $115 million investment in emergency shelter services and a $23.5 million annual investment in the public health system at all levels (state, municipal, and tribal).

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In addition, the proposal suggests spending $215 million over three years to attract and retain frontline personnel. The updated proposal includes a provision to purchase a new helicopter for the Minnesota State Patrol, among other things.

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