Girl flew with a kite in Taiwan, watch shocking video | Innocent 3 year old flying through the air with a kite, watch the shocking video

New Delhi: Taiwan has been in the headlines lately. The main reason for this is its strained relations with China and the new global support the country has received.

But something more extraordinary happened here that turned people’s eyes to Taiwan. Here, the video of a three-year-old flying a kite surprised people. Yes, it’s true. This girl was holding the head of the kite and was in the air.

Terrifying moment, a child at a kite festival in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, gets tangled in a kite and is lifted fifty feet into the air.

– Mike Fagan (@MikeFaganTaiwan) August 30, 2020

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According to reports, the child came to the coastal city of Taiwan on Sunday to participate in the kite festival, called Naniliao. This accident happened during this festival. In the video of the child flying the kite, we can see her holding a long orange kite, and then in an instant she gets up in the air. A child caught in a kite line can be seen “flying” in this video.

The girl was lifted a few feet from the ground with the help of a kite, and then later was shot after much effort. There was no harm to the girl.

A child from Taiwan accidentally got hooked on a kite. Fortunately, the child is safe.

– Toon Seri Anthraxxxx (@anthraxxxx) August 30, 2020

According to local media, the girl was saved without any harm, but she was understandably afraid.

Following the incident, Lin Chih-chien, Mayor of Hsinchu City, issued a public apology and said that all such activities had been stopped.

The girl was taken to hospital with the help of city authorities. He did not suffer any serious injuries, but did have a few scratches on his neck.

The mayor has vowed to look into the incident, saying such accidents will not happen again.