G4 calls for UNSC reforms, criticizes China; reiterates its support for Africa at the High Table | G-4 countries want global change in UNSC, targeting China

New Delhi: The G-4 countries have shown solidarity with the UN Security Council in demanding global change. In addition, the permanent member of the UN Security Council has been fiercely targeted at China. In fact, the four G4 countries want to increase the number of permanent members of the UNSC (United Nations Security Council – UNSC) and also to have a place there. These four countries are: India, Germany, Japan and Brazil.

G4 countries wrote to the United Nations General Assembly
Nagaraj Naidu, Deputy Permanent Representative of India, delivered the letter written on behalf of the G-4 countries to the President of the United Nations General Assembly. At present, the president of the United Nations General Assembly -unga is Tijjani Muhammad-Bande.

What is in the letter?
He was directly attacked in this letter without naming China. It was written in favor: “For a decade, efforts to change USAC have been on paper, but some countries that oppose them do not want to see these changes.” Explaining this in detail, it was written in favor: “It should be decided that the intergovernmental negotiations -IGN should not last long. Because if we continue to do this at the United Nations Security Council, which wants to block it, then we will have to adopt means different from the IGN to change it. Explain that China opposes making Germany and Japan a permanent member of the Security Council along with India. That is why he is always cooperating on the issue of increasing the membership of the UNSC.

What is IGN?
The IGN (Intergouvernemental Negotiations Framework) group is a group of countries that want a change in the Security Council. This group has been formed since 2009, but all attempts to change the UNSC have failed. The functioning of this group is considered informal, the discussions of which are not considered part of the UNSC. The G4 countries have also emphasized transparency.

What happened to Africa?
The letter written by the G-4 also recalls Ezulwini’s consent and the just declaration that two permanent seats for African countries and two out of five temporary seats in the UNSC should be allocated. However, no progress has been made in this regard. The G-4 countries have asked to send these letters to all member countries of the United Nations and have insisted on discussing these issues at the 74-75th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.