Fourth Stimulus Check Update: New Checks Could Be on Their Way, It’s an ‘opportunity to Ensure Success’


Americans appear to have accepted that they will not receive another stimulus check from the federal government, despite the fact that they are facing crippling prices for everyday goods such as food and fuel as a result of record inflation and the Russian-Ukrainian War. However, in some states, they are seeing aid, and Pennsylvania is the latest to consider providing financial assistance to residents.

Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, renewed his call for passage of the PA Opportunity Program, which would include $2,000 stimulus checks, as residents of the state grapple with rising prices.


Stimulus Check


“Pennsylvanians should not be forced to choose between utilities and groceries, childcare and gas,” Wolf told WPXI News, a Pittsburgh NBC affiliate. “We have the opportunity and the means to ensure their success, to ensure they do not struggle. I’m pleading with the General Assembly to come together across the aisle on this issue for the sake of every Pennsylvanian—because when they do, our commonwealth succeeds. Let us get this money out of our coffers and into Pennsylvanians’ pockets.”

Payments of up to $2,000 would be made to households with an income of $80,000 or less under the programme.

Additional components of the programme include assistance for small businesses, which would receive grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to cover operating expenses and technical assistance, as well as a $475 additional property tax rebate. Additional funds would be allocated to health care, conservation, recreation, and preservation.

The plan to provide assistance comes as inflation continues to wreak havoc on consumers, who have seen increases in nearly every sector, most notably groceries. Additionally, gas prices increased in the aftermath of the Russian-Ukrainian war. While prices have since decreased, they remain at an average of $4.07 per gallon nationwide, according to AAA. In Pennsylvania, the average price is currently $4.16 per gallon, ranking it 12th highest in the nation according to AAA statistics. California (an average of $5.70 per gallon), Hawaii (an average of $5.23 per gallon), and Nevada (an average of $5.07 per gallon) currently have the highest cost per gallon in the United States.


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However, providing assistance to Commonwealth residents may have a negative long-term effect, as a portion of inflation is also tied to previous federal stimulus aid, which did put more money in Americans’ pockets, increasing demand as the supply chain caught up.

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