Former President Nixon Speaking In Public Tapes Indian Women Are “World’s Most Unattractive” | When this former president of the United States praised Indira Gandhi, he told other leaders

New York: Recently, White House recordings made public after being outside the scope of privacy law revealed that former US President Richard Nixon speaks of Indians with great contempt and of its national How did the fanaticism of security adviser Henry Kissinger affect American policy towards India and South Asia during his presidency?

In the New York Times, Professor Gary Bass of Princeton University wrote: “As Americans grapple with issues of racism and power, they recently made White House recordings made by the president. Richard M. Nixon and his national security adviser Henry Kissinger. Are a living example of bigotry. ‘

Bass wrote this column entitled “The Terrible Cost of Presidential Racism” (The Desperate Cost of Presidential Racism).

Bass, author of the book The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger and a Forgotten Genocide, wrote in his column: “ The account of these tapes reveals how America’s policies towards Asia of the South under Mr. Nixon’s tenure served the Indians. For his hatred and his sexual distraction. ‘

Nixon was from the Republican Party and was the 37th President of the United States from 1969 to 1974.

Bass says the released tapes are a record-breaking conversation between Nixon, Kissinger and the then White House Chief of Staff Heldman at the Oval Office in June 1971, with Nixon saying in a very ‘toxic’ tone than Indian women “ without a doubt. Are the least attractive in the world. ‘

According to the tapes, Nixon described Indians as “the sexiest” (not wanting sex), “trivial” and “pathetic”.

Bass writes: “On a private holiday of the controversial White House summit on November 4, 1971 with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, then the world’s rarest woman, the president spoke to Kissinger about his sexual devotion to Indians. This ‘

Referring to Indians, Nixon told Kissinger, “For me, they calm my sexual arousal. Henry, tell me, how do they increase the sexual arousal of others. At the same time, Bass writes, in the meantime, Kissinger replies in an almost unbearable tone: “It didn’t distract the president from his topic.”

At the same time, in the midst of a discussion of Indo-Pakistani tensions with Kissinger and Foreign Secretary William Rodger in November 1971, when Roger (Indira) talks about threatening Gandhi, the president says, “I don’t understand how he was a child We do. ‘

Bass writes in the New York Times that Kissinger has shown himself to have overcome Nixon’s racism in the White House, but in these tapes he appears to be “ involved in bigotry, although on the basis of these tapes he is decided We can not say if he was really with the prejudices of the President or if he did it only to please him.

For example, on June 3, 1971, Kissinger was “full of hatred” towards Indians as India sheltered millions of Bengali refugees who had fled the Pakistani army. Kissinger blamed the Indians for the influx of refugees and criticized all Indians, saying, “They (the Indians) sort people (from the garbage heap to something useful).”