Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter Has Died at the Age of 68


Ash Carter’s family says that he died on Tuesday at the age of 68. As defense secretary, he oversaw a lot of changes at the Pentagon, including letting women work in all military jobs and positions.

Carter was in charge of the Defense Department from the beginning of President Obama’s second term in 2015 until the beginning of his third term in 2017. His family said he died of a heart attack Monday night in Boston.

While he was in charge of national security at the Pentagon, the 25th defense secretary dealt with a wide range of issues. He also started the military plan that would eventually be used to beat back and defeat the Islamic State military group in Syria and Iraq.

He also took care of many personnel issues, like lifting a ban on transgender officers in the military and letting women into all military jobs and occupations in 2016. This was the first time in US history that women could join infantry, armor, reconnaissance, and some special operations units that had only been open to men.

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