Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Now British Trade Advisor | Former Prime Minister of this country will run the UK economy, know them

London: Britain has appointed former Australian Prime Minister Tony AAbbott as trade adviser. Tony Abbott was Prime Minister of Australia from 2013 to 2015 and was embroiled in controversy over his Conservative policies. Tony was inducted into the Business Advisory Committee on Friday. Although he opposed it due to his conflicting and conservative views on issues such as women, gays and environmental change, the UK government bypassed all protests and included him in the Business Advisory Committee.

How much do you know Tony Abbott? Come on, let us tell you the special things related to Tony Abbott…

Born into a socially conservative Catholic family, Tony Abbott was born in London. Bachelor of Law and Economics from the University of Sydney. Rhodes was an academic at the University of Oxford. Tony Abbott, who has a special interest in politics, economics and philosophy, also boxed and also won two titles.

Tony Abbott has opposed stem cell research, same-sex marriage and carbon trading for environmental changes. I wrote a book “Battlelines” based on Australian politics. This book was published in 2009.

Tony Abbott is accused of promoting male-dominated views and underestimating women. His views on abortion have also been disputed.

Tony Abbott trained as a pastor at St. Patrick’s Church. He trained to become a priest in the 1980s. This is why his political opponents call him by the nickname “Mad Monk”.

Tony Abbott was also a journalist. He worked in the closed Australian monthly magazine “The Bulletin”. At the same time, Robert was writing editorials for Madrock’s “The Australian” newspaper.

In the Corona outbreak, he called the lockdown a “health dictatorship”. Meanwhile, he had made a controversial statement that while every life is precious, some families want the elders in their families to die. Because it is a law of nature.

In 2009, Abbott became the leader of Australia’s main opposition party, the Labor Party. Four years later he became Prime Minister of Australia. But only became unpopular in two years. In 2015, he lost the elections in his own party and had to leave the post of prime minister.