Forbes list: Bezos in the lead, the COVID-19 pandemic brings down Trump | Jeff Bezos remains richest even in Corona era, Donald Trump’s wealth has declined

New York: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos continued his reign even during this time of the Corona outbreak. He is still the richest American person on the Forbes list. At the same time, US President Donald Trump has suffered a lot. He suffered in his real estate, hotel and resort businesses during the Corona era.

Forbes released the list of the 400 richest American citizens
Forbes published a list of 400 richest American citizens, who have more money than India’s total GDP. Yes, those four hundred people have assets of $ 3.2 trillion. The wealth of these rich people also increased during the Corona period, as 1.8 million, or 1.8 million Americans, lost their jobs.

Zoom CEO joins the list for the first time
The wealth of Eric Yuvan, the CEO of the Zoom video conferencing platform, has increased tremendously in this Corona outbreak, and he has 18 other people for the first time on Forbes’ rich list. Eric had assets valued at $ 11 billion. Eric is five times more wealthy than Trump.

Trump went from the 275th to the 352nd
US President Donald Trump was the 275th richest US citizen to date, but suffered huge losses in the Corona outbreak and arrived at number 352. His wealth fell from $ 3.1 billion to $ 2 billion. , $ 5 billion.

What did Forbes say?
Forbes Associate Editor Kerry Dolan said we keep an eye out for the most powerful and richest people in America. And publish the list every year. It shows people how much money rich people make and how much.