Food Stamp Payments of $835 – a 5% Gas Tax Increase – Social Security Payments…


Avoid paying IRS late fees.

Do not fret if you missed the IRS deadline of April 18 to file your 2021 tax returns. If you rarely miss deadlines, you may be able to avoid fees and penalties. The IRS provides extensive information on how to appeal a decision.


States will distribute stimulus checks in May.

While the federal government no longer funds stimulus programs, certain states continue to do so. We’ve compiled a list of what’s happening in each state, with several of them offering enticing benefit packages.

To determine the status of your tax refund, click here.

If you filed your 2021 tax return on time, by the April 18 deadline, and have not yet received it, you may be wondering where it is. Bear in mind that it typically takes three weeks, and you can track down your refund using the IRS’s ‘Where’s my refund?’ tool.

Are you familiar with the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool?

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for Social Security benefits, you can use the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool to determine your eligibility.

Simply by answering a few questions, this free tool can quickly determine your eligibility for various benefits.

Food stamps worth $835

Americans who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are encouraged to apply.

For a family of four with a combined monthly income of $4,625, the maximum amount of food stamps payable is $835 per month.

Gas prices in California are once again increasing.

California’s gasoline tax will increase by 5% on July 1, from 51.1 cents to 53.9 cents per gallon.

This is because efforts to avert a planned increase in the gasoline tax were unsuccessful.

Hello and welcome to our American Finances live blog on Wednesday, May 4, as we take a look at today’s financial news and developments in the United States.

Throughout the day, you can peruse our blog for money-saving tips and information on the various benefit programs available.

We’ll discuss the $835 food stamps check that some families are eligible for and why California’s gas tax is about to increase by 5%.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about both of these developments in order to maximize your savings.

Additionally, we’ve updated our guide on how to use the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool to ensure that you receive all of the Social Security benefits to which you are entitled.

As we do every day in this space, we’ll devote time to bringing you the latest tax and refund news.

Although the April 18 deadline for filing your 2021 tax returns has passed, it is time to focus on obtaining your tax refund, which we will demonstrate how to do as quickly as possible.

Additionally, do not be concerned if you missed the deadline and have not yet paid your taxes; this situation can be resolved without incurring costly penalties. Additionally, we provide instructions on how to accomplish this task.


Three Factors That Will Determine How Much Social Security You Will Receive

Stimulus Test for Gas That Is Likely to Be Passed

Here’s How to Get an Extra 24% Out of Social Security.

As is the case with every day, there is plenty to discuss on this Wednesday’s live blog on the latest financial news in the United States, so stay tuned for all of our updates.

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