Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is chastised by Seth Meyers for scolding masked kids


Seth Meyers targeted another shameless, Trump-appeasing politician, Ron DeSantis, on Thursday night, one day after fellow late-night host Jimmy Kimmel dragged Republican troll-representatives Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene for heckling Joe Biden during his dead Iraq War vet son’s State of the Union speech.

“[Trump] just travels from town to town holding his one-man WrestleManias where he just loudly whines and raves, and his crowd yells, ‘Lock them up!’ even when it makes no sense,” Meyers explained. And that’s what happened yesterday at the University of South Florida, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis chastised a group of high school students for wearing masks at a news conference.”

Florida Governor Ron Desantis Is Chastised by Seth Meyers for Scolding Masked Children | Florida Governor Ron Desantis

Yes, the video showed DeSantis criticizing a group of high school teens for wearing masks to his indoor event, although his state of Florida is currently averaging the second-highest number of COVID deaths of any state, just behind the vastly larger California.

“You don’t have to wear those masks,” an enraged DeSantis said, waving his finger at the children. “Please take these off,” she says. To be honest, it’s not working, and we need to get this COVID theatre out of here. So that’s fine if you want to wear it. This, however, is absurd.”

Following the public chastisement, the majority of the kids followed his bad, anti-science advice and removed their masks.

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Meyers questioned, “How much of a jerk do you have to be to holler at a bunch of high school children who are just trying to be safe?” “You’re chastising people for doing the right thing.” You’re like an elderly gentleman who sees a group of innocent teenagers strolling down the street and exclaims, “Hey, you youngsters!” Come on over to my property! Throw a frisbee through my window while you’re at it, too! ‘It isn’t a ruse!’

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