Due to Corona and Flood, Afghan Children and Unemployed Work in Poppy Fields for Quick Money | Corona flooding increased the hardship, Afghan children started doing this job to earn money immediately

New Delhi: Afghanistan is grappling with massive crises such as the Taliban, Corona virus, a poor economy, flooding, growing inequality and limited resources.

Already the conditions in this country were not good, but the pandemic and the floods this year – the right to complete the task. The local populations have neither work nor business, in such a situation they have turned to a solution which provides them immediate benefits. The sad part is that for most of the local people, this quick fix is ​​to work in the poppy fields.

Afghanistan is one of the biggest producers of opium. It alone produces 80% of the world’s supply and provides thousands of jobs thanks to it.

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Due to the coronavirus, these people lost their jobs, and then many people started working in the poppy fields. A mechanic from central Uruzgan province said: “ I lost my job because of the corona virus. I have a family of 12 and am the only one to win. I have no other means, so I work in the poppy fields to earn money.

Poppy fields are generally tended by seasonal workers in the spring and summer. However, workers are reluctant to work for fear of an epidemic. This caused a shortage of manpower. At the same time, with the closure of the borders with Pakistan, the workers have been reduced. In such a situation, these unemployed people had their shortage.

It is concerning that not only are unemployed people doing this job, but many students are also doing this job to earn money immediately. Since schools are closed to stop the spread of the epidemic, children will be working with their parents to earn extra money.

Nazir Ahmed, an 18-year-old student from Kandahar, said: “Our school is closed. In such a situation, I have enough time to work in the poppy fields and earn money. About 20 of my classmates also work here.

Although the cultivation of poppy seeds is not encouraged and children work in it, it then becomes illegal. On the contrary, the reality is that the Taliban and to some extent the local government are encouraging poppy cultivation. The Taliban collect taxes from farmers and smugglers on their profits and operate their own factories to convert raw opium into morphine or heroin. Neighbors then smuggle it through Pakistan and Iran.

With the gradual reopening of the economy, there is hope for children to return to school. Although more than 38,000 cases of the corona virus have been reported in Afghanistan, more than 1,400 deaths have been reported and the government estimates the disease is likely to occur in one-third of the total population.