Donald Trump: United States is happy to help in Sino-Indian border dispute | Trump said on LAC controversy – Things are bad, said this for Prime Minister Modi

Washington: US President Donald Trump has proposed arbitration for the India-China dispute. Trump said the situation is very bad and in this situation we are ready to help India and China. He also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was doing a very good job. Trump said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was my friend and was doing a very good job.

The US president said: “If there is anything we can do, we would like to do everything we can to resolve the dispute.” Significantly, tensions between India and China rose again when Chinese troops attempted to infiltrate. New Delhi then banned more than 100 of its apps with a digital strike on China.

Danger to the world of dragons
Asked by journalists if China threatens India? Trump said: “I don’t expect that to happen, but they are doing it in a very powerful way and it is a matter of concern.” The president added that China is currently the most talked about country. Because what China is doing is hurting the world. Look at the Chinese virus itself, what it has done with 188 countries around the world is well known.

I don’t like China at all
Donald Trump said he has good relations with all countries except China. He is unhappy with China’s attitude to the Corona outbreak. Trump said: ‘I don’t like China’s attitude on Corona. He put our country, Europe and our world in dangerous conditions. The US president made a similar statement during the violence in Ladakh.