Dog travels from South Carolina to Australia to reunite with owners | Corona: ‘Pet’ separated from family, returns home after solo trip from US to Australia

New Delhi: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been separated from their families and are all stranded far away. In this Corona period, not only are people facing problems, but many animals are also facing this crisis. The story is that of a Wiener dog named Pippsk. This companion dog has been trapped 10,000 miles away and desperate to meet its owner. But he didn’t give up.

Pipsqueak was traveling the world by boat with her Australian owner. At that time, the corona virus was spreading rapidly in many countries, and then Australia decided to close its borders. Meanwhile, the Australian Alebeck family – Joe and Guy Alebeck and their sons Cam and Max – packed their bags in 2 days and decided to board their yacht (Yacht) on Hilton Head Island in North Carolina. South and return to their country of origin. took. However, it was a difficult trip for this family as they could not take their dog Dippshund Pip on this trip. In fact, Australia has strict rules regarding the movement of pet flights.

The landlord left Pip’s friend’s house
The Alebeck family left their dog with their friend Lynn Williams. He left Pip saying he would be back with him in a few days. However, his hopes were shattered as all Australian borders were closed and all other rules were enforced due to the corona virus.

His family started working on the papers needed to bring Pip back, but he encountered obstacles one after another. Joe states, “In order to import a dog from the United States, a statement from the United States that the dog is healthy and has been tested for all rabies.”

Social media campaign helped Pip return
After all the effort, Pip’s owner Joe took to social media and posted on Instagram about his dog’s return. Joe wrote a post on his social account for people who fly from the east coast to the west of the United States. After reading this article, Melissa Young, who works for the Dog Rescue Foundation The Sparky Foundation, started helping Pip join her boss.

Melinga Young flew from Greensboro to Charlotte, NC, then Charlotte to Los Angeles with Pip. From there, Pip made a solo trip from Los Angeles to Auckland via Jetpets. Upon arrival in Auckland, Pip was set aside for one night and left for Melbourne the next day, where he was quarantined for 10 days in accordance with state regulations.

Then Pipe and her family meet
Pip’s family were desperate to meet him again when a problem arose when the state of Victoria imposed a strict lockdown and all borders between Victoria and New South Wales were closed. Later, Joe’s brother, who lives in Melbourne, took Pip to his home. However, a social media post regarding Pip proved to be effective in his help. Virgin Australia Airline then contacted Pip’s family and asked them to bring it. His family are very happy that Pip is coming back.