Dog Power: Sam Elliott Captures Some of His Favourite Oscar Moments


The Western drama “The Power of a Dog” does not appeal to Sam Elliott. / Featureflash Photo Agency

With twelve nominations, Benedict Cumberbatch’s “The Power of the Dog” is one of the most popular Oscar contenders. Actor Sam Elliott stands to benefit nothing from the picture.

With twelve nominations, “The Power of the Dog” is the most nominated film at this year’s Academy Awards. Jane Campion (67) and Benedict Cumberbatch (45) can both expect Oscar nominations for Best Leading Actor. Best Picture was also nominated for Western Drama. The Netflix production, on the other hand, does not appeal to American actor Sam Elliott (77). “WTF with Marc Maron” refers to Elliott on the podcast. The film has been described as a “piece of nonsense,” among other things.

“Where is the westerner in this western?” you might wonder.

“Would you like to chat about this nonsense?” Elliott clarifies Marc Maron’s (58) comments regarding the movie. “Damn it, no,” Elliot responded when Macron asked if he didn’t like drama.

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Dog Power: Sam Elliott Captures Some of His Favourite Oscar Moments | Actor Sam Elliott

He also discusses the origins of his animosity.

As a result, all of the cowboys in the film appear to Elliot to be members of the Chippendales dancing troupe. He mentions “homosexual references all over the entire movie.” Marron interjects, “Well, I think that’s what the movie is about.” What does a New Zealand woman know about the Wild West, even though Campion is a “great director” who likes her previous work? And that’s why I got fired and renamed the place, Montana. “Where is the West in this West?” Eliot wonders.

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“The Power of the Dog” also stars Jesse Plemons (33) and Kirsten Dunst (39) in addition to Cumberbatch. On March 27, the Academy Awards will be presented.

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