Documentary backed by psychologist calls Donald Trump a narcissist | “ Trump is mentally unstable, unworthy of assuming presidential responsibility ”

New York: As the president draws closer on election day, political mercury is rising there, too. In this sequence, a documentary based on statements by psychologists can make it difficult for Donald Trump. In this documentary, US President Donald Trump has been described as a “deadly narcissist”.

The documentary titled “ Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump ” was released on Tuesday. It has been claimed that this documentary was not inspired by politics.

The film is based on interviews with several psychologists. Psychologists say it is their duty to educate the American public about Trump’s mental state.

According to psychologist John Gartner, Trump clearly exhibits four major symptoms of the malignant ego – the “most dangerous” personality type – in which paranoia, narcissism, selfishness, antisocial personality disorder and sadism ( Sadism) is included.

Gartner told the AFP news agency: “These types of leaders are always exceptionally harmful, all these shortcomings were also present in Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini.”

“The thing to note is that we are not used to seeing such a leader in America.”

Let us tell you that previously a similar investigation had been carried out on Republican candidate Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater has filed a complaint against the magazine which published this investigation. Polls had speculated on his sanity when Goldwater was defeated in 1964 by psychiatrists.

After that, the psychiatric community came to a unanimous opinion that it was not fair to give professional advice on a person without testing them. Although Gartner doesn’t deal with that and tells him about the past.

Gartner argues that it becomes a compulsion for mental health professionals to raise their voices when a patient’s illness worries others and here it is a matter of American public interest.

Gartner said: “It’s not that he (Donald Trump) is as bad as Hitler or that he’s equal to Hitler, but his style is similar to Hitler.”

Donald Trump’s psychotic niece, Mary Trump, recently published a book in which she wrote fiercely against Trump. At the same time, the co-author of President Donald Trump’s book “Art of the Deal” said the title of his book should be “The Psychopath”.

Bypassing these allegations, the US president described himself as a man of very stable talent.

Mentally unhealthy White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and George Conway, whose wife Kelly recently announced she is stepping down as longtime adviser to the president.

According to director Dan Partland, many politicians have mental problems that are not dangerous.

The film shows Abraham Lincoln struggling with depression when the Civil War broke out in America and Bill Clinton suffered from hypomania which contributed to his success.