DNA tensions between India and China near LAC in Ladakh | The Indian army watched every movement from the top of the mountains, these preparations by the Indian army

New Delhi: Until today we have seen that China is still acting and India is only reacting, but now the times have changed. After evicting the Chinese army from the south side of Lake Pangong in Ladakh, everyone is now on the lookout for what China is going to do. Winter is about to start in this area and China doesn’t have much time for anything to do. The Indian army understands this very well. Close surveillance is carried out along the border with China, from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.

Ready to take the challenge
– Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat said India wants peace on the border, but we are ready to meet any challenges.

Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane is currently in Leh. He arrived there this morning for a two-day visit. The fact that the head of the army is at the front is a very big message for the enemy. It also shows how spiritual our army is and how aggressive its intentions are.

The danger from China is not only in Ladakh, it can also act on the eastern border of the country, namely Sikkim and Arunachal. A day earlier, Air Chief Marshal Air Marshal RKS Bhadoria was visiting forward air bases on the eastern border.

– On the one hand, the Indian army has maintained the pressure on China, on the other hand the Ministry of External Affairs has gone through the whole gamut of diplomacy.

– The Foreign Ministry said India believes in resolving any issues resulting from the negotiations. This means that India now has an advantage in the conversation.

Not only Ladakh, but the whole border between India and China is about 3000 km 400. Currently there are warnings from the army and air force. The navy is also monitoring China’s activities in the Indian Ocean. The Indian military knows that the threat doesn’t just come from China, when China is in trouble, it leads Pakistan like its pawn. Therefore, the military is ready to face all dangers, even on the western border of the country, namely Pakistan.

Overall, India has gained a strategic advantage against China, and China must now consider whether it will go to war or take the initiative to come to the negotiating table. The next 4-5 weeks are very important for what China does. Because after October, winter in the Ladakh region increases a lot and during this time, it is not easy to carry out a military operation there. The difficulty for China is also that India is now up to the task.

The Chinese army is seriously trapped
We want to share with you more specific information related to this power of the Indian army. On the night of August 29, Chinese soldiers also wanted to capture Black Top and the nearby hills. Soldiers from India and China began to climb this peak around the same time. But the Indian soldiers completed the ascent of the mountains in a very short time and captured the peaks and by the time the Chinese soldiers reached the summit, there were already Indian soldiers there. The Indian army is considered to be one of the most powerful armies fighting in the mountains. Indian soldiers are always physically ahead of China in mountain battles. We saw an example of this during the incident of June 15 and 16 in the Galvan valley. While despite their fall, Indian soldiers had caused heavy damage to China.

We are telling you about the situation due to which the Chinese army is seriously trapped. Any action in winter on LAC, that is to say real control line, will be very difficult. After that until next year, the Indian soldiers present there will be considered as the line of control, that is, China will not be able to take any kind of military action to withdraw Indian soldiers on the Black Top and the hills nearby. During this time, the Indian army will have time to strengthen its position.

– The Indian army is organizing 20,000 soldiers to stay in this region of Ladakh.

– These will also include soldiers who will be sent from front to back to rest or heal.

Until last year, around 15,000 soldiers were stationed in eastern Ladakh.

– But currently, there are four times more than 60,000 troops deployed here.

– The biggest challenge is keeping the soldiers safe during the harsh winter here.

– In winter, the temperature of Chushul drops to minus 30 degrees.

For this, a special type of thermal tent (tent) is needed, in which the soldiers can manipulate the front.

– The supply of basic necessities in the eastern regions has also been difficult since October.

You can understand that the following month is very important in terms of military action. Because at the same time there is the greatest possibility of attack from China.

India’s mountain force is the most powerful in the world
The current situation on the LAC is favorable for Indian troops. A few days ago, a Chinese defense expert praised the Indian military’s ability to fight in the mountains. India’s Mountain Force is considered the most powerful in the world. There are more than 2 lakh soldiers in it, so a lot of soldiers are not part of any mountain force in the world. In other words, it is not the India of 1962, it is the India of 2020. Therefore, China should have no illusions. He too must realize that any adventure will win out over him now.

Indian troops were only deployed to this border with China last winter. But this year things have changed. In such a situation, the soldiers will rest from time to time and the process of deploying a new unit of soldiers will continue. In places like Leh, it is important to keep large numbers of soldiers ready and in good condition at all times. The Indian military has also started preparations.

India’s Steps to Teach China a Lesson …
Today we are going to tell you about Vidur’s policy to understand the steps India has taken to teach China a lesson. Vidur is one of the most important figures in the Mahabharata. He was the brother of King Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur. Vidur is considered to be the greatest knowledge of diplomacy and religion of his time. Therefore, he was appointed Prime Minister of Hastinapur. His ideas on diplomacy are called Vidur Niti. India has implemented this same policy on China.

– Vidur had said “Shahathe Shaathya Samcharret”, that is to say, do what you do.

– If someone wants to fight with you, you have to fight with him as well.

According to Vidur, a treaty with the enemy should only be made when you are weak.

– If the enemy is very aggressive, then he must increase his power so that he does not dare.

Knowing what a “ development regiment ” is
The name of the Special Frontier Force appears amid tensions with China over the ALC. This is the same force whose soldiers captured the LAC on Black Top and the surrounding hills on August 29 and 30. It is also called the “Development Regiment”. Today you are also providing additional information on this subject.

After the India-China War in 1962, the “Development Regiment” was created and they are posted on LAC.

– This force was founded by Major General Sujan Singh. Major General Sujan Singh was the head of the 22nd Mountain Division. Therefore, this force was also given the name “Establishment 22”.

– The headquarters of the “Vikas Regiment” is in Chakrata, Uttarakhand. It is said that after the 1962 war, the US intelligence agency CIA also trained the soldiers of this force.

– Initially only Tibetans were recruited into this force and nowadays the Gurkhas are also involved and they are skilled at fighting in the hilly areas.

– The Special Frontier Force often carries out operations with the Indian army. But they are not part of the military. This force does its work directly on the instructions of the PMO.

– The “Development Regiment” also took part in the 1971 war between India and Pakistan and the Kargil War.

– It is said that the “development regiment” participates in such military operations which are top secret. Most of the news related to it is classified. So we and you know almost nothing about it.

It is said that there are only 5000 commandos in this force, that is to say that their number is much lower. But these are often used to achieve impossible goals. We can say that these soldiers are the real heroes of the country, ready to make the supreme sacrifice while protecting the borders of the country.

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