DNA india pakistan year 1965 war | The story of Pakistan’s shameful defeat when the Indian army first struck PoK

New Delhi: 55 years ago, the Indian army made the first strike at the PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). In 1965, on August 28, Indian soldiers captured the post of Haji Pir within 5 miles of PoK. With this, India regained 1900 square kilometers of territory.

Think of the Indian soldiers whose courage was almost broken by the war with China in 1962. Only 3 years later, he had won this great battle.

Pakistan had to face a bad defeat
Pakistan had then built many tanks in the United States. With the help of these tanks, he also attempted to dominate India early on. But he had to face defeat.

After the 1965 war, India had a new identity around the world. At that time, Time magazine wrote that India is emerging as a new force in the world. This war between India and Pakistan lasted 17 days. During those 17 days, the Indian army reached Lahore.

Haji pir post capture
This war is one of Pakistan’s many shameful defeats. Many saga of this war are written in golden letters in military history. One of them is the victory of Haji Pir Post. On August 28, 1965, the Indian army surprised Pakistan by capturing it.

India had taken the 1,920 square kilometer area from the jaws of Pakistan which had already strategically oriented the war against India.

During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, August 28 was the date the Indian Army traveled 8 kilometers inside PoK and captured the Haji Pir Post. It was a direct strike from Pakistan, and not a surgical one, in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The official announcement of this war was made by India on September 6. But strategically before reaching Haji Pir, the Indian army had spread pieces before that.

Indian army planned bilateral attack
In the 1965 war, the post of Haji Pir was very important for the armies of both countries. Fighting on the mountains is always on the summits. Capturing the peaks is the most important from a strategic point of view.

The significance of the Haji Pir post was that if anyone is in possession of this pass, the distance between Srinagar and Poonch is only 50-55 km. Otherwise, to go from Poonch to Srinagar, you must first go to Jammu and then to Srinagar. This route is approximately 600 kilometers.

The Indian army planned a bilateral attack to capture the post of Haji Pir. There was a para team on one side and a Punjab regiment on the other.

Haji Pir climbed up to the post, was slow, slippery and long. It could only be reached in the dark of night because at daylight the Pakistani soldiers sitting at the top could easily target the Indian soldiers. It was raining heavily at the time. But reaching the summit in the morning was the goal of Major Ranjit Singh Dayal Singh, who was leading the troops of the 1st para.

The Indian soldiers had such a passion to attract enemies and teach Pakistan, which fraudulently attacked India, that even after eating the sugar and the sealed cookies, they reached the Haji Pir and made a big gift to the country.

The third attack was successful
On the one hand, Brigadier Arvinder Singh’s team first had to capture the slopes of Paranala, after which the task of the next team was to attack the post of Haji Pir. The first two attacks failed but the third was successful.

Haji Pir was to be attacked by another army. But Major Dayal requested permission from his team to attack Haji Pir’s post. There was an almost straight climb of 1,500 feet ahead of him. But as soon as permission was received, Major Major Dayal’s troops began to climb. The goal was simply victory.

Bad weather is difficult from the point of view of warfare as both sides face many difficulties in this regard. But the Indian army took the opportunity and surprised the Pakistani soldiers present to defend the post with a formidable attack.

Pakistani soldiers leave their food and run away
Dr Manekkar in his book “22 Fateful days” wrote that “Dayal and his soldiers reached the road leading to Haji Pir at half past four in the morning. They gave their soldiers two hours of rest and then started to climb. When he reached the summit at 8 a.m., the Pakistani soldiers then left with heavy ammunition and left behind a quantity of food that allowed them to feed 1,000 people for a month.

23 Indian military martyrs
After Haji Pir arrived, the Indian army took stock of the surrounding area to ensure his presence, where Pakistani soldiers were seen. He was present in large numbers, but Haji Pir Post was never to be let loose. There were 65 soldiers in this troop of the Indian army. But they always prevailed over Pakistani soldiers. 23 Indian soldiers were martyred in this attack. But complete control over Haji Pir has been found. Major Ranjit Dayal and Brigadier Joru Bakshi were honored together with Mahavir Chakra for this magnificent achievement.

Indian army reaches Lahore
There was panic in Pakistan following the capture of Haji Pir Post. By this time, members of the Gibraltar Force from Pakistan had entered Indian Kashmir. Due to the presence of the Indian army on Haji Pir, he got stuck there. They have not found a way to return to Pakistan. In that war that ended after Pakistan’s defeat on September 23, 1965, he learned that he couldn’t get ahead of India even if he wanted to.

India never started a war, but she definitely ended it. The same happened in the India-Pakistan War of 1965. Pakistan started the war, but the Indian army defeated it badly and the Indian army reached Lahore.

India is a peace loving country, but after the 1965 war the world learned that India wanted to live in peace, but if someone teases her, she knows how to punish her.

In 1966, Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and Pakistani Ayub Khan reached an agreement in Tashkent, after which India left many positions occupied by Pakistan.

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