DNA India occupies the southern shore of Lake Pangong Tso in Ladakh | Gurur Chaknachur of China, southern part of Lake Pangong now in possession of India

New Delhi: What happened on the night of August 29 and 30 on the shores of Lake Pangong in Ladakh? Zee News has some very important information on this. This is probably the first time that China has started to lose on many fronts before going to war. The southern part of Lake Pangong in Ladakh is now fully occupied by India. Many mountain peaks are now occupied by India. These are the areas that have been wrested from India since the 1962 war and now, for the first time, our troops have had the chance to visit these areas. Without firing a single shot, India ripped out all of its guts from China in one fell swoop. We will tell you how India became stronger in this area after the southern part of Lake Pangong came under Indian control.

An operation that surprised the Chinese army
In India, it often takes time for the full story of a military operation to be revealed. For security reasons, it is not advisable to announce such news promptly. So today, after three days, we will tell you about the might of the Indian army, after which the Indian army has control of many hills on the south shore of Lake Pangong in Ladakh at this time. This operation also surprised the Chinese army.

India’s military operations began on the night of August 29-30. When 25-30 Chinese soldiers were seen heading towards the China Observation on the Black Summit, a peak present in the southern part of Pangong Lake. A Chinese army armored regiment and an armored vehicle battalion were also seen.

Shortly thereafter, Indian soldiers swung into action and reached the top of the Black Summit and captured the post. Meanwhile, there are also reports of a brawl, but the Indian military denies it.

After that, on the night of August 30 to 31, the Chinese army again attempted to advance. But in response, the Indian army captured many other nearby hills. This action of the Indian army was carried out between the patrol point, ie PP 27 to PP 31. All these patrol points are now with the Indian army. These are the areas that were annexed by China in 1962.

Then Indian troops occupied the areas of Rekin La and Rejang La where, after 1962, the Indian army never sent its troops. There was a fierce battle in these two places in 1962.

The main reason for China’s problems
Indian soldiers were captured while deploying “Magar Hill” and Gurung Hill near Spangur Gap near Pangong Lake. In other words, every hill on the south bank from Pangong to Rejang La is occupied by Indian soldiers. For this reason, the situation is very tense and there is a possibility of opening a new front from China. The Indian army has deployed tanks in all of these places to counter China.

Now you need to understand the reason for China’s biggest problem. China’s biggest problem is India’s control over the southern part of Lake Pangong. China wanted to control this part and open a new front against India, but on the night of August 29 and 30, the Indian army thwarted this plan of China.

Indian soldiers are now seated on the high peaks on the south side of Pangong Lake, while the Chinese military is in the lower areas. The land around the southern shore is flatter and wider than the northern shore of Pangong Lake and this road also facilitates the Indian army’s access to Ladakh and the Chushul Valley. The height of the mountains through which this road passes can reach 16,000 feet and now the soldiers of India are present at the height of these mountains.

Try to respond to the finger area
The Indian Army has established its control over the Black Summit here and this Black Summit can be monitored on the road between Chushul and Durbuk-Shyok and Daulat Beg Oldi. This area was also at the center of the India-China war of 1962.

The place where the Indian army established its control. In front of him is the finger area of ​​Pangog Lake. In this area, the Chinese army has occupied between Finger 4 and Finger 8 for several months. By acting on the south side, India has also tried to respond to China.

If the Chinese military had captured the Black Summit on the night of August 29, then China could comfortably monitor the entire Chushul area. The area has a lot of critical military infrastructure including the Indian Army airstrip and the area is so flat and wide that large tanks and guns can be easily deployed here.

Occupying the southern shore of Lake Pangong will also give India an advantage, as India may force China to withdraw from the Finger Area, Depsang and Gogra regions.

The armies of the two countries face to face
On the whole, India does not want to repeat the mistakes made in 1962, so sensing China’s move, India has already strengthened its position in areas that were under Chinese surveillance. But now the situation is that the situation is tense not only in Ladakh, but on the border of India and China for a length of three thousand and a half kilometers.

Interior Ministry sources told us that Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and the Sikkim border have also been alerted by the military.

The most important thing is that the forces of the two countries come face to face on the ALC and the situation remains very tense, the situation is under control but anything can happen in the coming days.

The second update is that to resolve the dispute, there is an ongoing dialogue between brigadier level officers of the Indian and Chinese military, but so far no results have been achieved. Brigadier-level military officers can be discussed again tomorrow.

The third important thing is that China has once again reaffirmed that India has violated its border.

The fourth update is that in the border dispute between India and China, America has openly joined with India. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in conversation with an American news channel that the United States is with countries like India to stop China, and standing in front of China is the biggest response to China.

Two days ago, India also launched a warship into the South China Sea. China is also in dispute with many countries regarding the South China Sea and the United States has increased its presence in this area and China is also very troubled by this. In other words, until a few days ago, the dispute between the two countries was resolved. It can cause any major event at any time. The next few days are therefore very sensitive and anything can happen at any time.

US Department of Defense Annual Report
We are now going to break news about China’s military readiness that is troubling the whole world. The United States Department of Defense, or the Pentagon, has prepared an annual report on the current capability and future readiness of the Chinese military. The name of this report is Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2020. The US Department of Defense has published this annual report on China’s military strength for 20 years. First, understand the 5 big things about this report that are about America.

According to this report, China can double its number of nuclear weapons in the next ten years. At present, China is estimated to have around 200 nuclear weapons, which means that by 2030, China may have 400 nuclear weapons.

– There is also news that raises concerns about India in the US report. China is now planning to build its military base, i.e. a military base in 12 countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, three countries neighboring India.

– It was also said in the report that at present China has the largest navy in the world. There are around 350 ships and submarines, while the US Navy had around 293 ships at the start of 2020.

There are 1,250 ballistic missiles and cruise missiles launched from the ground in the Chinese military. Their range is 500 kilometers to 5 thousand kilometers. Ballistic missiles launched China’s highest ballistic missiles for missile testing and training in 2019, and those numbers are more than the total missile launches made by countries around the world.

– Another difficulty for the Americans is China’s air defense system. This system can destroy any fighter jets, drones or missiles entering the air through the Chinese border. In other words, this system can protect China from attack from another country, and in this case too, the Chinese military is one of the most powerful countries in the world.

China’s goal of becoming a world-class army
In 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping set a goal for the People’s Liberation Army in his army. This goal is to become a world-class army by 2049. However, China has not clarified what it means by the world-class army. It is possible that China is now preparing to build an army equal to or even more powerful than the United States and according to the new Pentagon report, the Chinese military has overtaken the United States in many ways.

According to Global Fire Power Global Firepower, a ranking organization based on the strength of armies around the world, in 2020 America is number one, Russia number two, and China number three. But now China is directly challenging America.

According to the Pentagon report, China is constantly increasing its defense budget to strengthen itself and now China is increasing its military spending at a faster rate than its economic progress. Some international organizations claim that China is spending more than the budget set for its military.

– China’s defense budget for the year 2020 is around 13 lakh 23 thousand crore.

While according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the international nuclear weapons monitoring body, China spent more than 18 lakh 58,000 crore on its military in 2018 itself.

China is a country whose information is not easily disclosed, nor does it give correct information about its defense budget and weapons. Therefore, China has become a threat not only to India but to the whole world. China is an epicenter of the virus that has killed millions of people around the world and now wants to get ahead of other countries in the nuclear arms race.

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