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Tim O’Hare, a Republican, easily won the primary election. The former Tarrant County GOP Chair defeated former Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price by 23 percent of the vote to capture the GOP nomination for Tarrant County judge.

The Southlake attorney talked to a crowd of fans at his election night party on Tuesday. While he did not declare victory on Tuesday night, he remained upbeat.

“We are certainly, unequivocally going to not only maintain Tarrant County Republican, but we are going to make it more Conservative,” O’Hare declared.

O’Hare, a former Farmers Branch mayor and the founder of the Southlake Families PAC, was one of the dozens of candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Nearly all of the 33 Texas candidates Trump endorsed were elected.

According to an Emerson College study conducted in February, nearly half of Texas Republican primary voters said they were more likely to back a Trump-endorsed candidate.

Political experts, however, think that Trump should not take all of the credit.

According to James Riddlesperger, a political science professor at Texas Christian University, determining whether Trump’s support led to candidates’ success is challenging.

“We don’t know if he chose to support people because he anticipated they’d succeed, or if they were successful because he recommended them,” Riddlesperger said. “Of course, he supported those he thought had a decent chance of winning. It’s not surprising, then, that his recommendations were successful.”

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Did Trump’s Endorsements Have an Impact on the Texas Primary | Texas Primary Results?

Bud Kennedy, a WFAA political analyst and Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer, concurred with Riddlesperger’s assessment.

“I don’t think it’s entirely a Trump influence, since the district attorney candidate, Phil Sorrells, would have won without a runoff,” Kennedy said.

According to Kennedy, the outcomes of the primary elections indicate a shift in Texas politics.

“Every cycle, we know that people who relocate to Texas are more conservative than people who dwell in Texas,” Kennedy explained. “In an area like Tarrant County, where so many people have moved, they moved to Texas because they enjoy the way it is and want to make it even better… therefore they tend to vote for more conservative candidates.”

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In November, O’Hare will face Democrat Deborah Peoples.

People told WFAA on Tuesday that the county judge must be someone who can work across the aisle and listen to all Tarrant County residents.

“You need a leader who is committed to every single Tarrant County person, and that’s me,” Peoples added.

Come November, Texas voters will decide what the future holds for a county that has demonstrated it can swing between red and blue.

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