Desantis’ Popularity Among Latinos Enhances His Chances of Winning Miami in 20 Years. -Dade


MIAMI—Democrats in Florida are worried about how popular Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is with Latinos. They say this will make it more likely for him to win traditionally blue Miami-Dade County and, as a result, to run for president successfully in 2024.

70% of the people who live in Miami-Dade, which is the most populated county in the state, are Hispanic. As a Republican governor, Jeb Bush won Miami-Dade County for the last time in 2002.

Bush, unlike DeSantis, spoke Spanish well in front of the press, and his wife is of Mexican descent. Fernand Amandi, a Democratic pollster and strategist in Miami, says that among Republican governors, DeSantis stands out.

The man said that DeSantis does better in this area than most Republican candidates do with Hispanics.

Cause for Concern

DeSantis has raised more than $100 million to help him get re-elected. Donors think that DeSantis could run for president in 2024. Charlie Crist is behind in the polls. He used to be a Republican governor and a Democrat in Congress.

Florida Democrats are upset that they don’t have enough money and resources. Some people think that the Republicans will take Florida from the Democrats after 2020.

“If Ron DeSantis wins the Latino vote in Florida, which has been a GOP goal for a decade,” said Devon Murphy Anderson, co-founder of Mi Vecino. “He’ll go straight to his donors and say, ‘I can win the presidential nomination and beat the Democratic nominee in 2024 because I can win the Latino vote.'”

Desantis' Popularity Among Latinos Enhances His Chances of Winning Miami in 20 Years. -dade

In 2016, Clinton won by 30 points in Miami-Dade County, but Biden won by 7.

Murphy Anderson said, “When Clinton won, Republicans looked at that and instead of giving up, walking away, and saying this will always be a blue base, they doubled down.”

She said that after Republicans gained more power in 2020, “Democrats threw up their hands and said, ‘Late-American voters are lost, it’s over.'”

Alex Berrios, the co-founder of Mi Vecino, said that the Democratic Party hasn’t always told Latinos about its successes, like “what Joe Biden has done to lower gas prices and all the infrastructure investment.”

Berrios and Anderson said that they have talked to 2,000 Hispanic voters in Miami-Dade. 29% of people who didn’t belong to any party and 25% of Democrats said they would vote for DeSantis.

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Berrios asks Republican voters what about their job or income has changed in the four years that DeSantis has been governor. He said, “They don’t answer very often.”

Controversial Policies — and Support

Some of DeSantis’ policies have sparked debate and garnered national attention, including his support for the Parental Rights in Education Act, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law by critics.

his decision to send two planes full of mostly Venezuelan asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and other locations.

Crist’s communications director, Samantha Ramirez, claimed DeSantis is a friend “Someone who smiles in your face but then threatens to bus Cubans to Delaware and spends his time flying asylum-seekers around the country to gain political points.

He behaves like the dictators that our towns escaped from, which is why Floridians are ready to rally around Charlie Crist.” However, supporters claim that DeSantis’ stances have added to his popularity.

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