‘Crime Tourism’ Brings Robbery Teams From South America to Affluent California Neighbourhoods.


The term “crime tourism” is used by law enforcement authorities to describe groups of thieves from South America travelling to California to burglarize residences.

Hillsborough police in Northern California released surveillance video showing a burglary squad suspected to be from South America targeting a wealthy residence. This is just one of a string of burglaries involving burglars from other countries who have targeted homes in upscale regions throughout the state.
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office nabbed a four-man team earlier this month for robbing a residence in a Camarillo area.


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“This is a form of criminal tourism. They’re coming here with the express purpose of doing neighbourhood vandalism “Cmdr. Erik Buschow of the Ventura Sheriff’s Office confirmed the incident. “Specifically, automobiles and residences. They are not doing violent acts, but they are pursuing large sums of money.”


According to police, the suspects pursued him into an alley, brandished a gun, and demanded his watch.

Sheriff’s deputies spotted the getaway car near Camarillo and pursued it all the way to Los Angeles. The LAPD assisted in apprehending the suspects.

According to investigators, the crews frequently wait for the homeowners to vacate the premises before going in.

“They are particularly interested in homes that back up to golf courses and open space,” Buschow explained. “And they’ll literally stand in the bushes and watch, and when people leave, which can be as little as a two-hour window, they’ll go out to dinner or something similar – they’ll come in and pounce.”

The majority of “tourist burglary squads,” according to Ventura County sheriff’s investigators, come from Chile.

They can easily apply online for tourist visas to travel to California. Once they obtain a visa, they arrive at LAX and immediately begin their crime spree.

Residents of one Camarillo neighbourhood say they are well aware of the South American burglary squads targeting their neighbourhood and the surrounding districts.



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“Numerous friends of mine have been struck repeatedly,” Camarillo resident John McGrath said. “Additionally, it is a matter of exchanging knowledge and participating in community watch. Such things do appear to be beneficial. Additionally, whenever you observe something questionable, report it.”

According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, they processed 100 cases involving South American employees last year alone.

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