Coronavirus Plunges 37 Million People Into Extreme Poverty, Says Gates Foundation | Corona outbreak pushed 37 million people into extreme poverty, recovery will take time: Gates Foundation

New Delhi: A report by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation claimed that the poor have been killed more because of the Corona epidemic (COVID-19 pandemic). For this reason, 37 million people had to go into extreme poverty. These are people who are already poor, but the epidemic has made their situation worse, forcing them to live more without poverty. Developing countries have the largest number of such people.

What does the report contain?
Due to the corona epidemic, 37 million (37 million) people in developing countries of the world are earning 2,000 shillings ($ 1.9 per day), which is less than about Rs.140 per day. It is a situation of extreme poverty. In low income countries an income of $ 3.20 per day, or about Rs 240 per day, has been considered the poverty line, although in India this figure is even lower. But the scariest thing is that 68 million people i.e. 6.8 crore people are also unable to earn this.

Vaccination has also declined this year compared to last year
According to statistics for 1990, there was a decrease in vaccination this year. Until last year, 80% of children used to get vaccinated against diseases like measles and diphtheria, but by 2020 that number has dropped to 70%, which is a very thoughtful situation. According to the report, the progress we made over the past 25 years in immunization was lost in just 25 weeks.

Because of Corona, governments’ attention has been diverted, the more existing threats are ignored.
According to the Bill and Melinda Foundation report, the attention of governments around the world has shifted away from existing health issues because their primary focus is the corona. It can also be seen that the treatment of corona has started in all hospitals, but the treatment of dangerous diseases has stopped.

Corona has also hurt education
Education has been affected due to Corona. 53% of children in low-income and low- and middle-income countries and 87% of countries in sub-Saharan Africa are already ignorant of words by the age of 10. Due to Corona, the spread of education in them also ceased. Such children cannot read, even understand common words until the age of 10. Now you can guess the damage to education caused by Corona.

What did Bill Gates say?
In an interview, Bill Gates expressed concern about the crisis that has hit the whole world due to the corona epidemic. He said the governments’ focus has changed because of Corona. The focus is on fighting Corona and saving lives. We have stepped back 25 years in many areas in those 25 weeks.
(Entry: PTI)